Fallen London’s dating game spin-off gets a demo

You could brave all sorts of horrors in the supernatural Victorian setting of Fallen London and Sunless Sea, but will you dare to face the greatest horror of all: love? Failbetter Games this week released a demo for Mask Of The Rose, a dating sim set in the same wonderful world.

Available now on Steam, the demo features “a condensed version” of the first act. You’ll go a few places, meet a few people, and meet at least one alarming person…well, I guess it could be a person, as far as our character knows?

Mask Of The Rose is set in the same world as Fallen London and the Sunless games, where Victorian London has been dragged deep underground into a vast cavern full of weird and wonderful things. While these games are set many years after the fall of London, with the new order well established and at least part of the world vaguely understood, Mask Of The Rose only begins 230 days after the fall. We play as someone who has a job doing a census for the love word of Mr. Pages, one of the mysterious Bazaar Masters who controls commerce in the city. From there, discovery, mystery, murder, friendship, maybe even romance?

I dig the demo, enough that I stop playing it because I’d rather enter the full game innocently and unknowingly.

Failbetter’s Blogblast also offered some updates on development progress. First, the game will not launch as expected. They estimated a June 2022 launch when they ran a Kickstarter (which hit its mark in a day), but now think it’ll be late October or November instead. That’s the usual reason: they want more time to get it right.

Failbetter explains, “As we progressed through pre-production, we realized the game would benefit from adding or expanding some features that we didn’t expect when we launched on Kickstarter.”

These include the ability for us to create stories about other characters, a more nuanced system for characters revealing emotions through poses and expressions, and deeper implications for our character customization, leading to “the ability to create player characters that have very different social styles”. behavior, whether it’s pleasant or sullen or whatever.” Please.

Alice Bee spoke with Failbetter last year about Mask Of The Rose, as well as the decisions not to make the Sunless Skies DLC.

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