Experts reveal the secrets behind photos and what they use to get more matches

August 19, world photography day, A discipline that is gaining more and more followers, and which allows you to capture moments, immortalize memories, tell stories, and connect to the artistic world. It is a tool which appeared in France in 1830 and which has continued to develop since then to the point of becoming an undeniable ally today. Communicate and get to know each other.

The ace apps go out together are not outdone in this business either because when it comes to creating a profile, Photos are stars. For this reason, experts think about how to choose the best images and their impact on the realization matchThat is, when two people “love” each other.

Crystal Cansdale, Dating Expert inner circleOne of the apps that has over 4.5 million users in 29 countries and offers face-to-face dating, comments, “We know it’s hard to choose or even take photos for dating apps. meet. is, but The choice will say a lot about what the user is looking for and how seriously they take things”. In this line, the expert assures that the question goes through the effort and the energy that a person devotes to the construction of his profile and the way in which he connects with others.

It takes time to build one, and of course patience. A moment involving a rigorous task or process that involves several steps to accomplish it. And although it sometimes becomes tedious, doing it consciously will bring many benefits, among which, Join people to make an end and go on quality dates.

Now, when selecting the photographs, psychologist Sandra Lopez of Guidance in Couples Relationships explains that these are introductory cards and everything happens visually, “It is important that the photos match the description of each person and the reality of their life.” In this sense, he emphasizes the importance of updating them so that mistrust does not arise. He advises not to touch them anymore and above all they show various aspects and activities that reflect the interests of individuals.

Research by Inner Circle has shown that more than one profile picture increases the number of matches by five times.

an investigation by inner circleindicates that, Increase the volume of several images Matchbox Five times more, so many people with more than five photos uploaded get one The commitment Even bigger. For this reason, Scott Harvey, the global BI analyst for this application, insists that there should be diversity. “The key is to include a selection of photos playing games, in a cafe or on vacation, for example, above. selfiesHarvey is holding.

In the quest to dispel myths, among other characteristics, experts emphasize the importance of not just looking at the face, but also at the whole body, as common logic dictates. “It’s not a good idea to show off or show off in a fancy way, like posing in front of a mirror. The ideal is to make yourself known as naturally as possible,” said Lopez.

In addition, on behalf of the company, they give advice Safety keys when diving between profiles. In this regard, they mention the fundamental thing that the images are of high resolution, the faces are clearly visible, there are no objects or other people. Annabel Suesa says: “When someone sets up a date with their match, they will want to recognize the other, otherwise they may sink into despair because you are expecting something else, that is, a refined version or ten years younger than he really is.” Is.” Responsible for Security, Investigations and Support.

“It is important that the photos correspond to the description of each person and to the reality of their life”, Sandra Lopez, psychologist specializing in couple relationships

in an investigation, inner circle Evaluated the different parameters that users take into account when choosing their profile photos:

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