Expert reveals how self-isolation can actually up your dating game

And how to spice up your video chats.

As we’re all doing our part to stem the coronavirus pandemic, it’s easy to lose social momentum when you haven’t changed your pajamas in four days.
But now that we’re spending our time indoors, what does that mean for our love life?
Ironically, the house-bound break seems to have become a convenient setup for real online dating. From encounter with viral drones to a popular blind dating tv show Love is blind, singles seem to be stepping up their efforts in finding that special someone, without meeting in person.
According to popular dating app Bumblebee, by spending more time on the couch, singles have committed to swiping left or right more than ever before. So much so that the app started sending personal messages advising its users to avoid dating IRL.

While taking such strong measures to keep us safe is paramount, it’s vital to keep things as normal as possible, and especially our love life.

For tips for impatient singles on how to up our home dating game, as well as creative ways to break the ice between you and your date via video, SHE spoke to Lucille McCart of Bumble Australia. Here’s what she had to say.

The likelihood of being housebound for the foreseeable future seems quite high. Take the opportunity to chat with your date without makeup, in pajamas and in total comfort mode.

“One of the best ways to do this is to take advantage of Bumble’s voice call and video chat features.” McCart tells SHE.

“[This] helps you get to know a match and create a real connection without having to meet in person or give out your personal information before you’re ready.”


Many of us will try anything to avoid the awkward back and forth of a video chat that is often plagued by annoying audio lag. It’s easy to assume that the conversation with your match will go just as badly when you get the chance to meet IRL.

To make sure your chat room chemistry stays true when you come face-to-face, McCart suggests that Bumble’s virtual dating ideas to add some excitement to your next one-on-one.

“Some of my favorite suggestions for spicing up a video chat session include: virtual happy hour where you share a drink with your partner, virtual dinner where you follow a recipe together, “Playing with Playlists” where you create a playlist on Spotify and listen to it with your match for everyone’s musical preferences, and “Meet the Pets” where you introduce your furry friends to your match and get to know theirs at the same time.”

Plus, it’s the perfect opportunity to see if the pup in their photos is really theirs or not.

First dates in person are daunting enough. However, keeping your first one-on-one over video could be the perfect way to get to know each other stress-free, before you find yourself under the pressures of the real world (after quarantine, of course).

“From our perspective, we know that even if your conversation lights up on chat, it can be difficult to read between the lines and decide whether to pursue something more substantial.”

“Video chatting is a great way to get to know someone before meeting them in person and it wouldn’t be surprising if this behavior continued to be part of our routines after quarantine,” McCart suggests.


Although we are all doing our part to stay home, the lack of human interaction can feel extremely isolating. McCart suggests ways to help you shift your mindset to embrace the in-app dating experience. Although change can be difficult, it’s important to remember to keep your spirits up.

“At Bumble, one of our core values ​​is kindness, and it’s important to remember to be kind in times like this, kind to yourself by acknowledging that you might feel scared or anxious and taking time to take care of yourself, and kind to others who may be struggling,” recommends McCart.

McCart also suggests listening to the latest episode of the Bumble podcast, Love etc., for a helpful resource for those who may be feeling a little lonely and longing for human connection while inside.
If that’s not enough, Bumble also had a chat with the experts at TalkSpace, for ideas on how to deal with anxiety and loneliness during these times.

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