Everything “Schitt’s Creek” Star Dan Levy Has Said About His Love Life

Schitt Creek Star Dan Levy has had an incredibly sweet and romantic love affair onscreen, but what happens in his real love life? Many fans might be wondering if there is someone special in Levy’s life, but according to the internet and public knowledge, the man is currently single and has been for some time.

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The actor seems to be pretty low-key about his love life as he hasn’t talked about it much or shared a lot on social media. In fact, the most he has shared about his love life lately is about his close personal relationship with his dog during his forties. While it’s not super exciting, surely many fans can relate to it.

While Levy has been fairly silent about his personal life over the years, he has said a few things here and there about it. Let’s take a look at what the actor has to say about his love life.

He came out at 18

When Levy was 18, his mother invited him to lunch one day and asked him outright if he was gay. He answered with a simple “yes,” he told Andy Cohen during the after-show for Watch what is happening live. “She almost knew it,” Levy added. He said he and his mother had a “very close relationship” and that “it was almost like she knew I was ready”.


He spent time with his dog during the pandemic

Levy apparently didn’t spend time with romantic partners during quarantine during the pandemic, but he has spoken a lot about the love he has for his dog, Redmond, whom he adopted and rescued from abuse. In a Vanity Show video, Levy said that the current love of his life was actually his dog and that he had yet to meet someone special. “It’s been a really good thing to reconnect with my dog,” Levy told AP during the initial lockdown period. “This is the first time that he and I have been together for a very long period of time,” he said.

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He doesn’t like going out with people in Los Angeles

Levy said Vanity Show in February 2021 that “people are very, very concerned about themselves in Los Angeles,” highlighting the fact that the majority of people in LA are very self-centered and about themselves and their own lives. “I just think it’s such an attractive quality to be sure of yourself and confident, but not to let it take over who you are or define who you are,” he said.

He would rather go out with someone in London

Levy also said Vanity Show that in the past he has been on “a lot of dates” in London. In fact, he lived there for a while when he was in his twenties. He has expressed his love for London over the years and has said it is his favorite city. He also said that humility is the quality he finds most appealing in people.

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He was too busy to date “Schitt’s Creek”

“This job consumed my life,” said Levy Outside reviewed in 2015 when Schitt Creek started first. He said he didn’t really have time to think about dating someone because he was just trying to do the best he could with the show and try to keep his job. He said he hoped he could “find someone when this is all over or when things get a little smoother.”

He ran away from relationships in the past

Levy once said in an interview with commotion that when he went to college and started dating, he was “nowhere of great value in a relationship” and would use dating as a way to keep people out. “I felt like if I didn’t make an active choice to pull myself out of this shell that was becoming such a comfort, I wouldn’t be the adult I want to be.” He added that his main instinct was to stay away from relationships for about a year and a half of his life.

People he dated searched for damaged people

Levy said that while he was dating him in college, he got into a bad habit of dating people who were not for him. He said commotion that he ended up dating a lot of people who “were looking for people who were a little damaged.” He said he was “looking for people who have a foot outside so that you don’t give up in any way.”

He was one of the sexiest men in the world in 2020

Levy was named one of PEOPLE’s sexiest men of 2020, but all he had to say about it was that “this form of sexy is a niche market,” he told the publication. Fans may disagree, however, as the actor is truly charming in his own right. However, his humility is just one of the many reasons he’s so loved in the first place.

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