Erin Molan Says Love Life Has Been ‘Fruitful’ Four Months After Split From Sean Ogilvy

Radio personality and mother-of-one Erin Molan has opened up about her love life four months after splitting from fiancé Sean Ogilvy.

Erin Molan is officially back on the dating scene, but “not in a skanky way,” she clarified to 2Day FM listeners this week.

Four months after the breakfast radio star announced her split from her fiancé, Detective Sean Ogilvy, Molan reluctantly confirmed to co-hosts Dave “Hughesy” Hughes and Ed Kavalee that her love life had been ” fruitful” lately.

“Is it fair to say that single life hasn’t been unpleasant for you?” Hughesy had probed on Monday, to which Molan, 37, said, “But not in a skanky way. It was successful, let’s just say it was successful.

Suggesting that she had “spring in her step”, Hughesy told her colleague: “You look happy Erin, I think you met someone”.

But Molan wasn’t eager to give much, hitting back with a cryptic response.

“There might be. Don’t say things you know I wouldn’t want you to say. I’ve met people, not in a romantic sense but I might have. I meet people day by day. I meet people in the shops, I met someone in the parking lot this morning safe.

Molan announced that she split from her fiancé in September. The previous host of The NRL Football Show on Channel 9, had been engaged to Ogilvy since 2017, and the couple welcomed daughter Eliza the following year.

“We are fully committed to co-parenting our three-year-old daughter, who is the most important person in the world to both of us,” Molan’s now-deleted post said, confirming the split.

“Any breakdown of a family unit is incredibly difficult and we ask for confidentiality at this time – especially given the private approach we have taken to our relationship.”

Molan opened up about his tumultuous year in an interview with The Daily Telegraph.

“I’ve always loved family more than anything else,” she said.

“But I think this year in particular, going through a family breakup and having to do it without mum and dad or any family support around, just reiterated how important it is to be around the people you love.

“And just for my daughter, providing her with a family environment for her first Christmas since Sean and I separated is really important and trying to give her as much normality as possible.”

Speaking on her radio show in September, Molan told co-hosts Hughes and Kavalee that she took one of their tips to help put the breakup behind her.

“When I first told you that my partner and I had separated, Hughesy, you said that one benefit to that – apart from a few others – is that you can listen to breakup songs and cry,” said she declared.

“I realized yesterday when I had an hour to myself that I hadn’t done that yet, so I put on some breakup songs and it was amazing.”

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