Elliot Page dives into dating apps to seek love after divorce

Elliot Page is diving back into the dating world – and it looks like he’s jumping on apps for the first time.

The actor shared a photo with his The Umbrella Academy co-star, Rita Arya, earlier this week, seemingly hyper-focused on finding something together.

“@rituarya walks me through my very first dating app,” he wrote.

Page was previously married to dancer Emma Portner for three years, but the two separated several months before the City Tales The actor came out trans in December 2020. They announced their divorce shortly after Page went public with his transition.

As for new love, Page has yet to be romantically involved with anyone. Back in September page 6 reported that he was spotted on Raya, a pseudo-exclusive dating app that celebrities frequent. The profile reportedly featured photos of him with his dog and expressed his love for Annie Lennox and Steven Lipson’s song “Don’t Let It Bring You Down.” Raya’s invite-only policy makes fake profiles much less likely, but Page has never publicly confirmed he’s on this app.

Since season three of The Umbrella Academy began filming in February 2021, it’s entirely possible that the photo page shared on Instagram this week is from that time. That said, it could also be a recent image of Page diving into the world of dating apps.

Either way, women residing in the same cities where Page lives or works should keep an eye out for these apps!

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