Do modern dating apps serve a different purpose?

By Ramadhani Ismail

For a long time I have wondered why the members of these different dating sites are, in greater numbers, women, some of whom sell their bodies.

By doing my research, I discovered that it is men who change the meaning and purpose of these networks and enable this benevolent behavior for women.

Dating apps like Badoo, SweetMeet and Tinder are some of the most popular networks in Tanzania.

I’ve used some of these for a while and whenever I corresponded with someone they rarely had time to talk more than the opening exchange of pleasantries.

They will then send you a WhatsApp number which, if you text, chances are you will receive some very sensual nude photos and a price tag for how much it would cost you to continue the conversation and possibly meet up.

Fortunately, every day I am lucky enough to find people who match me but unfortunately, whenever they send me a direct message, the conversation always turns to money for intimate favors.


Their apparent argument is that they did not sign up to find partners, but rather are on the platform doing business.

Apps and their guidelines

One thing you should know is that among the operational guidelines put in place, these networks do not allow users to engage in sexual activity under any circumstances.

The consequences of a user engaging in such activities on the platform include suspension or complete termination and loss of account.

Apps like Tinder have been used as a source for the online sex trade. PICTURES | FILE

When it comes to Tinder, the platform makes it clear that nudity or sexual content of any kind is not allowed, as well as spamming for those using fake accounts.

They confirm that they do not promote or advocate commercial sex services, human trafficking, or other non-consensual sex acts which will result in your account being permanently banned from Tinder.

This is then why many of these women choose to have their conversations elsewhere to avoid being banned from using the service and still be able to pull in potential clients.

If there are those who still find and complain about all the inconveniences that may arise, there are those who are happy to find these beauties because they don’t go through the hustle and bustle of driving around looking for women or negotiate prices and simply enjoy the convenience of the platform.

Tinder users

I met 27-year-old Samuel*, who told me that these dating apps have become part of his life because every weekend he has to find a girl to hang out with.

“Technology has simplified many things; not everyone likes to be seen in places where prostitutes are available and not everyone likes using websites where you can meet these women, but dating apps like Tinder make it easier and are a bit more discreet, which makes it normal for people to connect in this way. People using these apps are looking for their possible soul mate,” he explained.

Enock, 35, says these dating apps make sex easier, as long as you have the money to spend or a nice body, then users don’t have to worry.

“I don’t believe these dating apps are officially designed to meet your partner rather than to help you have easy sex, because for those with beautiful bodies and money, Tinder becomes their second home,” he said.

Sessy, 21, a second-year business student, explains that one of the reasons for using Tinder is that it helps to make easy money.

“We do this because we don’t like to be seen up at night like prostitutes,” she says.

“My colleagues and I use these dating apps a lot because there are times when college life gets tough. So these matches that we get help pay the bills without necessarily being in business.

She added that they also choose dating apps because they provide anonymity to their activities and protect their identity from classmates and relatives.

Anne Mathew, a local student, explained that before being a hooker on the dating site, she was also looking for a soul mate but she came across a guy who gave her more than a hundred thousand to spend a night together .

“I was shocked at first but because it was only one night in a fancy hotel, I said yes, and he just asked to see me only for the sex service and he paid me well “

“I can’t thank him for making me this way because I can’t get into a relationship since most of them who are matched with me just want service from me,” Anne said.

The hope of true love

Despite the common presence of sex traders on these platforms, some still hope to find good relationships and fear that men have been behind the shift in interpretation of these platforms.

However, the online sex trade is not a first in our country.

It has been reported even in foreign countries, such as America, India, Taiwan and more.

Unlike our country, these developed countries have mechanisms in place to track those who go against the guidelines of the app.

Eve: Saloon and makeup artist

“Men have ruined dating apps. Even the dating app companies themselves are desperate to undo the damage men have done to apps. Many of them spend a month or two with you and then they leave,” Eve explains.

“I’ve met several men online who are very friendly when you meet, but after you’ve had a chance to sleep with you, you start seeing them act weird all the time.”

“They use the app under the assumption that all women who use these apps are desperate for relationships and so they sign up for these services just to make sure they can find a sexual partner,” he adds. she.

Jamila: businesswoman

Jamila, 41, a local businesswoman said the meaning of dating apps is not the same and has been badly misrepresented and the reason their many hookers are because there are a large number of men who are willing to spend on it.

Due to her wealth, Jamila is afraid of relationship in the real world as most of the men she meets want to be with her because of it.

Through Tinder, she hoped to fake her lifestyle, hoping it would help her find the right partner.

Ezat: businessman

“Women are equally responsible for how dating has become and not just men. The reason is simply that the romance is completely dead,” said Ezat, 25, a businessman in Dar es Salaam.

“They act like all they want is to have sex with you and then they yell at you because you don’t want to have a relationship. How are you going to feel romantic with a girl like that? It doesn’t help that I met you on Tinder,” Ezat said.

It’s been a decade since Tinder launched in 2012 and over time a number of people have been able to find their dream relationship, but others haven’t and have had the same luck.

To be fair, Tinder is far from the only dating site dealing with these kinds of issues.

Due to the improved uses of technology, people easily adapt to aircraft changes whenever possible.

Keywords like “pay to play and escorts” have been used by many people.

The proportion of women on these platforms is also higher than that of men, which makes it easier to continue this trend.

Although Tinder’s guidelines do not allow both spam and other illegal activities and constantly update their services every week, the situation is still a problem for many users who have encountered this application.

It requires a change of attitude,

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