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The students participated in a fun competition in the name of love.

The Morehead State Campus Activities Council held a dating game event on February 16 to connect students through blind dating. Couples and friends were separated by a curtain and answered questions on stage independently to find their perfect partner.

“I wanted to do the dating game around Valentine’s Day, so we did it the week of. It’s just a fun little game of friendship or partnership for students who get involved,” said Sarah Combs, Entertainment Coordinator for CAB.

The participants went on stage and could not see their partner on the other side of the curtain. The facilitator then posed a series of questions which participants answered on a dry erase board.

The object of the game was to answer the questions in the same way as the unidentified partner on the other side.

There were multiple opportunities for entrants to win cash prizes, including a $200 prize for the duo who proved they knew each other best.

“I thought it was a fun time,” said Cameron Rose, a convergent media pundit. “People seemed to be having fun playing the trivia games.”

The next CAB event will be the History of Superheroes on Tuesday, February 22 at Pub Préfontaine at 7 p.m.

For more information about CAB, contact [email protected] or check out their Instagram at cab_msu.

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