Dating apps with a non-standard approach to finding your soul mate

Modern internet users who are not yet familiar with the online dating industry often make the same mistake: They choose sites with the largest audience. At first glance, this makes sense – more users equals more chances of meeting your soul mate. But in reality, this is not entirely true.

Very popular dating sites and apps have a number of serious drawbacks:

  1. Difficulty finding a suitable match due to too many users. You can spend hours in vain studying hundreds of profiles, swipe photos girls or guys, without finding a suitable person.
  2. Lots of people who are not looking for friendship or a serious relationship. On popular sites like Tinder and Badoo, many users are looking for a quick “no-obligation date”. This is not for everyone.
  3. Crooks, Internet trolls, and obnoxious or problematic users. The bigger and more popular the site, the more there are. It can ruin your entire online dating experience.

Additionally, anonymity, security, and privacy should not be forgotten – unfortunately, many popular dating sites and apps have trouble with this.

So what is there for those who are determined to have a serious relationship and are not ready to put up with the above inconveniences?

Highly specialized dating sites – the best choice for serious and promising friendships

Over the past few years, the demand for niche dating sites and apps has grown rapidly, designed for certain types of users, their interests and preferences. The audience here, as a rule, is much smaller, but it is of better quality. And the chances of meeting interesting like-minded people are much higher.

We’ve rounded up some interesting and highly specialized dating sites and apps that you might be interested in. Reason for more details.


An app that takes your list of interests into account and builds an emotional profile based on them. And when your profile is compiled, Once offers you a potentially suitable person to meet once a day. The app has already received positive reviews from Vanity Fair, Elle and Glamor. And the number of active users exceeds 10 million and continues to grow.


A very unusual dating app for iOS, Toffee is made for people who have received private education. At first glance it seems a little strange, but if you look closely it makes a lot of sense. After all, interests, ways of thinking, and even styles of communication differ among these people, albeit slightly. And the fact that a unique dating platform has been created for them is great news!


The Luxy app is positioned as a dating platform for the elite – successful and wealthy people who truly know their own worth. Popular TV host Jimmy Kimmel once said that the Luxy app was exclusively for the top 1% of the population. Of course, one could view this approach as an attempt to divide users into worthy and unworthy. But applications like Luxy still have their place.


This is perhaps one of the more unusual dating apps in our collection. Bristlr is a dating platform for bearded men and girls who like bearded men. Ultimately, if you are male and you don’t have a beard, you just won’t be able to use the Bristlr. Of course, the system can be fooled. But what is that for ? This is an interesting app that has already been written by BBC, Cosmopolitan, MTV News, Elle and other popular publications.

Metal Dating

Simply an essential dating app for heavy music lovers. The developers of Metal Dating are convinced that common musical tastes are an important part of successful and promising dating. Conversely, different tastes can very well lead to a breakdown in a relationship. Admittedly, it is hard to imagine a couple in which the rude and tough man listens to Iron Maiden and Black Sabbath, while the fragile girl loves BTS for example. Although we don’t deny that such couples also exist, and they are quite happy together.

Can do better

A very controversial but still interesting dating app where you can find a better match than the one you already have. You create your own profile and add the information of your current partner. Then other CanDoBetter members vote for who they think is best for you, and you connect with the person who collects the most points. From a moral point of view, it is murky and perhaps unpleasant. But still, we couldn’t fail to mention this unusual app.

Date with my pet

Popular dating app for pet owners. You not only create your own profile there, but you also chat about your pet. This allows you to find interesting partners for joint walks with your pets, to discuss them and have a good time with like-minded people. A very big advantage of Date My Pet is the ability to animate free time not only for yourself, but also for your furry friend.


Bazoocam is one of the first random video chats. Initially it was only popular in France, but then it attracted many users from other countries. On the Bazoocam website, you can chat face to face, play simple online games with random users, connect to the video feed of other participants, or launch your own feed to a large audience.


A simple online video chat with a gender filter, search by location in over 70 countries and virtual gifts you can give to the users you love. Owners of premium accounts can access a separate chat to communicate with girls only. However, there are often knockoffs and bots here, so you need to be careful. Another major downside to Shagle is the lack of mobile apps. On a smartphone, you have to use the web version, which is not very practical.


This international video chat app is a real boon for single men who want to meet girls. Unlike other chat casters, online chat with girls CooMeet completely excludes connecting with other men. And in order to use the service, all girls need to confirm their identity, which prevents fakes and bots from appearing on the site. CooMeet is available on the web, iOS and Android devices. Moreover, there is an affiliate program here which allows you to earn real money.

Niche Dating Sites Increase Your Chances Of True Love

Today there are over 8,000 online dating sites, apps and video chats around the world. Among them there are both very popular apps and little-known niche apps. We recommend that you combine them for the best experience.

Big sites like Badoo, Tinder, Bumble, and the like are well suited for those who want to understand the basics of dating apps and how it all works here. But niche sites – the choice of those who want to quickly find like-minded people, are for serious acquaintances and promising relationships.

We also recommend that you combine classic dating sites or apps with video chats. They offer completely different communication formats which can satisfy the demands of the most informed internet user. The only difference is that dating platforms provide metrics for targeted searches, while video chats provide more random results. But the chances of meeting an interesting chat partner or even a future soul mate are not less.

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