Summer is here and I’m afraid white people are trying to hurt me because of things I don’t like to do. I’m not white, and every time I create a dating profile or tell someone in person that I don’t like lying on the beach in the sun, sitting on a patio in the sun, hanging out in a park in the sun, or doing anything in direct sunlight, they always seem to be offended. They all get sarcastic and ask me why I don’t like doing these things. I don’t need to do these things because I don’t need to tan like a white person does.

Same goes for fucking brunch, because it seems to be white people’s business. A look of utter confusion appears on their faces and they just can’t understand why a person of color wouldn’t like to sit in a crowded restaurant full of white people early in the morning and have a meal.

You can all continue to engage in your white activities, but don’t be offended or confused why a person of color might not want to participate. And don’t get me started on the Naked (White People) bike ride. Ugh.

You can all now continue with your performative BLM, racial justice BS.