Christmas Eve blog: records for us! The arctic air just around the corner. -Doug

Christmas Eve blog: records for us! The arctic air just around the corner. -Doug

Hope you are ready for the holidays, otherwise you can still shop one more day. I plan to check back for a few days so I wanted to blog for you guys. First of all, records are crazy!

But when it’s so hot in December, you have to pay the price with a little wind.

The winds

On Christmas Day we have a cold front, but still in the 60s.


Well we had a very active model, 8 severe weather events dating back to early October. One of the main reasons is the AO (arctic oscillation). If the AO is positive, it keeps all arctic air north. If it turns negative, we are likely to have cold arctic air. It was positive for most of November and the first half of December, but is now negative. It doesn’t mean we’ll have arctic air, it means the odds are increasing! Last year was a 46 day cycle. Christmas 2020, AO positive, no snow. February 14th when the cycle came back, well it turned negative and you remember last February lol. So the arctic air is rising and we have PLANS for snow, NOT SNOW, BUT PLANS FOR SNOW, starting at the end of next week before New Years. Alright, let’s take a look at what will happen this week. next. I want to say that if we don’t get decent snow by January 15th (or if it at least looks white) the chances of a snowy winter drop dramatically. We will be returning to the hottest part of the boss and the colder part will not arrive again until the end of February. However, I think the end of February is our best chance. (3rd person Doug) Doug is getting frustrated! I love snow and it’s getting harder and harder to get good snow here. But there is a chance!

Arctic air is finally starting to soar southward in the middle of next week.

Arctic air

And we are always on the lookout for possible snow around New Years IF THE ARCTIC AIR CAN HOLD IN PLACE! Much more to come after Christmas. The long range is below.



From Thursday to next Saturday: Cool with chances of rain Thursday and Saturday, maybe snow.

January 2-8: Mainly a cold week with chances of rain or snow on Tuesday and Wednesday.

January 9-15: Moderate start with chances of rain or snow Monday and Tuesday. Becoming much colder for the rest of the week.

January 16-22: Mostly cold for this week. Chance of light rain on Monday and Friday.

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