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Chris Paul loves basketball more than anything, and as a high school player, his younger self focused less on dating or having a girlfriend.

Paul cared more about improving as a basketball player than having a romantic relationship. He felt married to the sport itself.

In an interview with Fadeaway World, Paul opened up about his high school love life — or lack thereof — at West Forsyth High School. Let’s say that’s not exactly what his fans expected.

However, many young basketball stars are concerned about their future. Maybe he wasn’t alone.

Chris Paul comments on high school love life

During the interview, Paul explained, “Do you have a boyfriend? How old are you? 14? Okay, so you’ve been talking on the phone all night? You don’t even have a phone? OK. Well, listen. I get it, I’m not mad at you.

“Does anyone know how many girlfriends I had when I was here?” 1? No. 4? Shit, I appreciate it, but not quite… None, exactly, none, and I tell people all the time my girlfriend was my basketball, she was my girlfriend.

“But that’s the thing too, at your guys’ age, what do you have to talk about?” Paul continued. “Especially if your boyfriend and girlfriend go to school here.”

“You don’t have much to say so you sit on the phone all night listening to yourself breathe.” I had a plan, I didn’t have time to have a boyfriend or a girlfriend, or walk around seeing people kissing, it’s disgusting. Go to class…”

Although he’s a little harsh, he’s right. All dreams must be protected. Nothing could take Paul away from his favorite sport.

The high school star was one of the best guards in the country

In 2003, Paul was the No. 1 ranked guard in North Carolina. During his freshman year at West Forsyth High School, the guard averaged 25 points, 5.3 assists and 4.4 steals per game.

Nathanial Jones, Paul’s 61-year-old grandfather, was murdered in his senior year. To honor his grandfather, he scored 61 points in a game, 6 points shy of the state record. Paul intentionally missed a free throw to stay on the correct number. Then he asked coach David Laton to be removed.

As one of the top prospects in high school, Paul also ranked No. 2 at his position nationwide. He joined Wake Forest as a five-star recruit.

In college, he met his future wife, Jada Crawley. The Winston-Salem native married Crawley on September 10, 2011. So, everything finally worked out. Not everyone needs a high school love life.

In two seasons and 63 total games played at Wake Forest, Paul averaged 15 points, 3.9 rebounds, 6.3 assists and 2.5 steals per game. He won ACC Rookie of the Year in 2004.

After two college seasons, he was ready to play professional basketball. Chris Paul was selected fourth overall by the New Orleans Hornets (now Pelicans) in the 2005 NBA Draft. He has played with the Phoenix Suns since 2020.

Pooja Bhatt’s Tips for a Healthy Dating Life Thu, 04 Aug 2022 08:57:00 +0000

After the resounding success of the first season of Swipe Ride, Tinder is back with yet another season. For the uninitiated, the show gives exclusive dating advice to members of the dating app. With Kusha Kapila, the blogger who drives app members to their dates, and celebrity guest Pooja Bhatt, we know we’re in good hands, right? Bringing his decades of experience in the game to life, Bhatt gives us advice on love, dating and relationships in the 2020s. Whether it’s telling us what our bios should look like dating app or teaching us how to date, she says it all. In his words, “love is life and life is love”, so here are some tips to get the most out of your love life:

Be bold and put yourself out there

“Are we going to get our hearts trampled? Yeah, we’re gonna get our hearts trampled. But are we ALWAYS going to put ourselves there? YES! We’ll get to it. Love is what makes us human, and it takes courage and nerves of steel to pull it all off. So forget about that ex, spruce up your profile and get back out there to find your perfect match.

Be your authentic self

We can’t say it enough ladies – always be yourself, authentic! Just like Bhatt told the Bollywood industry to accept or reject it for what it is – you need to have that “take it or leave it” attitude for your potential matches. To continue to remind you of this gospel truth, keep in mind Dorothy Parker’s poem Miss P, Bhatt’s character, leaves us with – “if you don’t love me so much, then to hell with my love, with you”. Verified profiles are more attractive and get more likes, so it’s a clear win-win. Get verified and remember to look for a blue tick on other profiles you review yourself.

When It Comes To Your Love Life – Travel Light

Another expert dating tip from Miss P is to pack light and drop off the luggage. In this journey of life and love, it’s best to leave that ex where he belongs – in the past – and move on to a new phase of your life with a fresh mind and an open heart. So take Miss P’s advice, drop the emotional baggage of that ex from your life, and find a match that vibes with you on an app.

Consent counts both ways

She reminds us that consent is an important, non-negotiable aspect of any relationship not just for women, but for all genders across the spectrum.

Intelligence and communication are big green flags

For Miss P, good communication is a big green flag to look for in a partner. She says the only “six pack” she cares about is “the abs a man has between his ears”, aka his brain. It also highlights the ability to share comfortable silence being a green flag as well. Profile description is more important than ever, with a description in your profile you can really show your potential matches who you are and what you are looking for.

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My Unorthodox Life’s Batsheva Haart details her love life and ‘pivotal phase’ amid divorce Thu, 04 Aug 2022 02:24:27 +0000

Batsheva Haart is single and ready to mingle!

More than seven months after ending her nine-year marriage to Ben Weinsteinthe My Unorthodox Life star has returned to the dating scene. Admittedly a little behind on all the new apps considering she was only 19 when she married the New York-based realtor, Batsheva is now documenting all the ups and downs of her journey. singleton for everyone to see.

In a TikTok Video shared in June, the 29-year-old candidly admitted that ‘the first stage I went through was my pivotal hoe phase’.

“There really is no other way to describe it,” she joked, explaining how she “talked to a million people” on the dating app, which was founded in 2012. “When you’re talking to a group of people, you can easily weed out the ones you don’t want to see.”

For Batsheva, it’s “important” to keep the conversation with suitors in perspective, she noted in a separate video. “On Hinge, instead of liking a photo or a prompt, you should respond to prompts,” she explained. “Liking someone’s profile isn’t enough. So when I see a guy I think is cute, I’ll respond to something.”

Celebrity breakups in 2022

How has her love life been so far? The TikToker gave her followers an update in July, writing alongside a video in which she rolls her eyes: “When your the situation ends and you know that man will live in your head without rent until someone new comes along.”

Batsheva added in the caption “#singlelifebelike”.

On August 3, she shared a clip of herself reluctantly tidying up her apartment with the relatable caption: “When you remember you have a date then you must clean your house.”

Noam Galai /Getty images

In November, a source close to Batsheva and Ben told E! News that the two are going their separate ways after more than a decade together. The duo then confirmed the news with a joint statement, “After some time and consideration, we have made the difficult decision to go our separate ways. We have so much love and respect for each other, but we have realized that it was time to take some space to ensure that each of us lives the most joyful and fulfilling life possible.”

“There are no secret or salacious events to blame,” they continued. “We are just two best friends who met at a very young age and have grown over the past nine years each in our own way.”

How Men Ruin Things By Refusing To Take “No” For An Answer Tue, 02 Aug 2022 07:28:06 +0000
A man walks up to you, buys you a drink, and asks you out. When you say you’re not interested, the guy might try to flirt with you to convince you that going on a date won’t change anything. As you continue to reject his advances, there is a chance that his attitude will change from good to bad to worse. This is because Indian men don’t know how to back down and simply cannot accept rejection in the right spirit.

In our society, the twisted understanding of consent among men has greatly affected women’s love lives. If a woman says no, men assume yes and attribute the initial rejection to either shyness or a female tendency to play “hard to get.” Or when women indirectly say no using words like maybe, later, or not ready for this, men try to trick women into believing that their “maybe” is actually a “yes.”

Why do Indian men have such a hard time understanding and respecting a woman’s consent? Why do they always tend to twist women’s words and force a “yes” out of them? Don’t men realize that aggression doesn’t flatter women in the dating game? That today’s women want men who will let them make their own decisions and not those who will impose their will on them?

Women’s love life and men’s rights ruin everything

Most of the time, to avoid unwanted dates, women are forced to reveal their relationship status or lie about a fake boyfriend. This is because men see women as territory – if they are “owned” by another man, they will back off.. In fact, there’s also the bro-code angle where every man tends to respect another man’s partner, whether they know each other or not. But if the woman is not in a relationship with another man, she automatically becomes available to everyone and everything.

Suggested reading: Online Dating Fatigue: Why Some People Turn to Face-to-Face Apps First

On the other hand, when a woman rejects a man even though she is single, he tends to take it as an insult. He thinks the woman doesn’t think he’s worthy. Very few men step back at this point with their heads held high. Others continue to either scold the woman, shame her, or harass her, until she changes her mind.

Men need to start understanding that dating is not ego fertilizer. Having sex with women isn’t just a way to prove your machismo. There is more to sex and love than that. Perhaps the fault lies with our society, which never teaches boys to take no for an answer. It is only when the sense of entitlement is taken away from the boy as he grows into a man that he will truly learn to see courtship, love and sex and the mutual acts that require consent and will of both parties involved.

The opinions expressed are those of the author.

How sobriety changed my love life Fri, 29 Jul 2022 15:56:56 +0000

The first time I soberly kissed someone, I couldn’t stop laughing. Back then, it was so unnatural to kiss without having had one (or 10) drinks first.

Drunk, I could date anyone cute. The guy was 8 years younger than me when I was traveling to Statia Island. He was my friend’s ex. He told me he had a crush on me the whole time he was dating my friend.

Because alcohol impairs the frontal lobe of the brain – the part responsible for judgment – bad decisions can often do good. I’m not saying dating a younger man or your friend’s ex is always bad, but for me, at the time, it was bad choices.

Alcohol itself is largely about instant pleasure. So it follows that the more we drink and the more often, the more we live in the moment – ​​to hell with the consequences.

Sober, I learned that the consequences are very real. I no longer wanted to date people who were totally inappropriate for me simply because I found the situations interesting, exciting, or electrically aroused.

As I kissed Tom, between giggles, I realized I was nervous and uncomfortable with what I was letting happen. I had nothing in common with this person other than the fact that we were both sober (which is why a mutual friend introduced us).

He’s worked on cars, so I can’t explain how windshield wipers work. I write for a living and I had to explain some of the longest words I used. I had the chance to travel the globe, while Tom had never left Florida.

Of course, if there were enough other compatibility items, we could have ignored them and focused on building a foundation. But I realized that I had no desire to do that.

I realized that I was done dating inappropriate people.

More importantly, I realized that I hate it when men rush over the physical aspect of dating.

Even when I first started kissing boys, I never liked how quickly the boys accelerated, grabbing my body while I was still deciding how I felt about them. Maybe they knew I was sizing them up. Maybe they were trying to see how far they could go before I realized I didn’t like them.

Over the years and through the power of alcohol, I have learned – to some degree – to accept the rapid physical advancement of modern dating. But even drunk, I often felt pushed too far too fast.

I remember once when I met a cute guy in a bar. As he walked to his car, I joined him intending to have a quick kiss or two. Instead, about 3 minutes later, he started forcefully pushing my head towards his crotch, which to me is one of the most disrespectful things a man can do to a woman.

Drunk or sober, we tend to know we deserve better, but drunkenness makes us more vulnerable and less resistant to what we know isn’t good for us.

But back to Tom. Tom was a great kisser, but he too seemed to be under a deadline to touch as much of my body as quickly as possible. He kept trying to get his hands under my skirt.

The fact that he kept cajoling me all the time only made it worse: “Relax. Let yourself go. Do not hold back.

If I had listened to him, I could easily have agreed that I was tense and had to “give in to my passions”. Although I didn’t feel much passion, just uncertainty – hence the uncontrollable laughter.

And that’s all: I didn’t need men to talk to me about my passions. I didn’t need my love life explained to me by a man, much less someone trying to get into my pants.

Before I got sober, I might have been flattered by the attention, thinking he was cute. But sober, I was fully using my brain with all of its discernment, which was telling me that I wasn’t sure how I felt about the person I was kissing.

Therefore, I realized that the question I had to ask was, “Should I date Tom?” not “How far should I let Tom go on a first date?” Sober, I was in touch with my instincts, more blunted by a drink, which told me that I didn’t want to be sitting on an IKEA sofa with Tom, doing something I would later regret. Damn, I regretted it even when it was happening. So I left.

Too often when I drank, I regretted what I had done because I was doing it for the wrong reasons. I started dating boys when I was 13. Back then, every wink and every kiss made me feel pretty. I wasn’t sure I was beautiful unless a boy told me to. This attention has become an addiction. Like alcohol, the attention of sex that attracts us is a short-lived high. I had to hunt him daily and it was never enough.

What we often miss is that attention and love are not the same things. Far from there. If we just attract attention, especially from men we ultimately don’t want to be with, we’ll fail to form a deeper connection with someone we truly care about.

Attention is like crumbs, while love is all the cake. Having it all, to me, feels like a relationship with someone who wants to help me achieve my dreams, vacation with me, and build a life together.

Photo credit: d3sign via Getty Images

John Mayer, Dating Life & More – SheKnows Thu, 28 Jul 2022 23:43:00 +0000

BJ Novak’s first feature film, Revengewhich hits theaters on July 29, is partly exactly what you’d expect from the comedy star known as Ryan from Officeand partly territory you’ll instantly (and correctly) assume he doesn’t know. Revenge tells the story of Ben Manalowitz (played by Novak), a New Yorker writer who travels to a small town in Texas for the funeral of a girl he briefly dated. He meets his family, who are convinced his death was no accident, and thinks he’s found the perfect fodder for a gripping podcast that can diagnose all of America’s ills — the kind of podcast he been hoping to do for a while now. But that same family, played by Ty Holbrook, J. Smith-Cameron. Dove Cameron, and more, causes Ben to question his initial, cynical assumptions about them and their way of life – and to question his own way of life as well. SheKnows spoke with Novak and Holbrook about making this film, how Ben’s experience is faithful to Novak’s life, and what they hope viewers will take away from it. Revenge‘s take on digital life, cultural clashes, and more.

Let’s put that aside: “My real name is Ben. My family’s name on Ellis Island was Manalowitz,” says Novak — yes, the film is about him and a certain time in his life that he longed to break free from. Novak explicitly doesn’t care about comparisons: throughout the production process, he wanted to be as true to himself as possible, hoping to tell a more honest story.

“I [named Ben that] to remind me, play yourself as much as you can; play the truth about yourself anyway,” Novak says. “And that means showing people what you don’t want to show them. And it could be better than you think, or worse than you think. I would confer with [executive producer Leigh Kilton-Smith] after every take, and she was really making me take away everything that was me trying to be funny, trying to be cool, trying to be likable, like no, no, no, no.

BJ Novak and Ashton Kutcher in “Revenge”
©Focus Features/courtesy Everett Collection.

Nonetheless, he had a story about his life that he wanted to tell, and so he took on the challenge: “I wanted to tell a story about where I had been in the world I lived in,” it begins. -he- and what he says next could have easily been deleted from his feature lines of dialogue.

“We think we’re connected to everyone, but that’s not the case. We date people, but they’re just names on our phones. And we listen to music, but it’s really just playlists, where you can’t remember the names of the songs. You say “lol” to someone, but you don’t really laugh. And we don’t know how close we are or not to people.

“The hardest thing to be is yourself, in all aspects of life.”

As Novak discusses the parallels to his own life, I can’t help but ask him about the opening scene of him and John Mayer standing in a bar and scrolling through the dating app options, explaining the coded ways they store women’s names in their phones to remember key details and the importance of exercising options. Was it also just Novak being as real as he could be?

“That’s the only scene that I feel is – I’m kind of like showing the audience, it’s kind of the opening credits, kinda, and it’s supposed to be a bit more like the joke version of the way we go out,” confesses Novak.

“I know John Mayer in real life, and I don’t think we’re that superficial. We also talk about other things than just – but you know, we think we’re cooler than we are. In the script, it says two guys who think they have it all figured out. So to me, it’s a travesty of guys who think things are going well, and you look at them from a distance, you’re like, ‘Oh, my God, those guys.’

Image loaded lazily

Issa Rae in “Revenge”
©Focus Features/courtesy Everett Collection.

So Novak wrote a character like himself, and then took that character as far out of his digital comfort zone as he could imagine: Texas, a place so unfamiliar to Novak, born in Massachusetts and currently living in Los Angeles, than you might think.

“There’s something funny and interesting to explore about bringing someone like my character out of that comfort zone, into a real revenge story, an emotional story, and a family story,” says he. “All the things he instinctively has nothing to do with – and see how he adapts. So there’s the comedy of that, but there’s also the emotion of growing up.

For Boyd Holbrook, who plays the brother of Ben’s late pseudo-ex, the challenge was balancing the obvious comedy of Novak’s script with the need to make his character Ty Shaw so lovable and real that Ben and the desire for the audience to mock him in any way would be stripped.

Image loaded lazily

BJ Novak and Boyd Holbrook in “Revenge”
©Focus Features/courtesy Everett Collection.

“I’ve never played a character as vulnerable as Ty, who was such a selfless character who was willing to put himself in the crosshairs to figure out what happened to his sister,” says Holbrook. “So yeah, like me Boyd, I know there’s a lot of laughs written on the page. But the hardest part was not playing jokes. It was forever staying grounded in reality and just knowing that this comedy will take care of itself.

The whole Shaw family has to work for Revengeas a movie, to have the desired effect, and they do, so I ask Holbrook if the cast did any extra work behind the scenes to develop those relationships before filming began.

“We all went to the water park and risked our lives together and played with fireworks, just dangerous things to know we could rely on each other,” Holbrook — and J. Smith-Cameron — shared. , who plays her mother, blew them all away. with his willingness to take risks.

“She comes across as a very well-organized woman, but she’s reckless and death-defying like you wouldn’t believe,” Holbrook shares. “The character she plays Succession has nothing to do with her really being a renegade.

Image loaded lazily

J. Smith-Cameron, Eli Bickel, Boyd Holbrook, BJ Novak, Louanne Stephens in ‘Vengeance’
©Focus Features/courtesy Everett Collection.

Novak’s dialogue and winning performances from Holbrook and Smith-Cameron make it easy to fall in love with the Shaw family and their world away from Twitter wars and instant gratification. Novak, whose entanglement in the digital world is evident from the Revenge script as well as previous projects like The premisesays he doesn’t have “an answer” on how to get out of the traps social media can set for us, but hopes for a movie like Revenge can remind us that more exists.

“One discovery of the film and the characters in it is that we spend so much time online that we kind of think, well, this is who I really am. And it’s not,” comments Novak. “When you put people in the same room, they connect way more than they do in those over the top ways you use to get attention. [online], which looks like a connection. The [are] all these tricks that are played on us online, that really tear us apart – to use a cliché, but it’s true. So I think the movie is about the emotion and the comedy of suddenly not being online anymore.

Watch our full chat with BJ Novak above.

Andie MacDowell Says Her Gray Hair Has Made Her Love Life “Better” Mon, 25 Jul 2022 15:54:40 +0000

Andie MacDowell has revealed how her love life has changed since adopting her gray hair and how she’s ready to fall in love all over again.

In a recent interview with The Sunday Times. MacDowell says that even though her love life has improved, she still wants men to “like” her for who she is now.

“It’s better. I might have looked younger and more acceptable to someone before, but I want to be appreciated for where I am, for my age,” she told the publication.

“And the response from the men was, ‘You look beautiful.’ I think my eyes look greener and it’s made them pop in a way they didn’t before.

She also noted that while she’s not on dating apps, she “might relate” to finding solace in being alone. After finding a still card of a woman in her 50s dressed and lying in bed, MacDowell said that when she noticed the card read “Alone at last”, she “laughed so much”.

However, she has always said that if she connected with someone on a “romantic” level, she would “accept” a new relationship.

“If someone came along and made my life better, someone I was going to have a romantic relationship with, you know, sexually, maybe,” she said. “I would accept it.”

The former model then admitted that relationships “just don’t show up” and that she is currently more focused on her “friendships” than her love life.

“To tell you the truth, they just don’t show up,” she explained. “And I’m not going on an app. It will not arrive. My friends continue to encourage me to have relationships. But I said, you know what really matters to me right now is friendships. And I work very hard on that. And why wouldn’t that be enough?

(Getty Images for Tribeca Festival)

Elsewhere in the interview, MacDowell opened up about how people reacted when she decided to embrace her natural gray hair and quit dyeing it brown. She expressed how “relieved” she was that fans and peers “weren’t being cruel”.

“They could have been mean to me. But everyone was very loving and kind and I was relieved because I really like it. I feel more comfortable,” she explained.

The Four weddings and a funeral The star also said that even though she was advised not to let her gray hair grow out, she didn’t agree.

“People kept telling me, ‘Now is not the time’, but I disagreed. I bowed down to everyone’s beliefs, but I really want to be where I am and look my age,” she added.

Radio Z100 DJ Crystal Rosas has a wild love life in New York Sat, 23 Jul 2022 14:01:00 +0000

If anyone understands the challenges of dating in New York, it’s DJ Crystal Rosas of Z100 afternoon radio. The 28-year-old sometimes has two dates in one day – with bankers, hipsters, musicians and a guy who has become known to his fans as “Venmo King”.

“For the first few weeks, I thought, ‘I could marry this guy. Even my mother was invested in the relationship! she told the Post. The sailing went smoothly until the couple took a New Years trip to Atlantic City. ‘When I got home he sent me a Venmo charge for literally half of everything we did on the trip’ – including Ubers, gas and a chicken dinner from the aire Costco catering. “I couldn’t believe it, but if he felt like it was valid enough to send, I figured I’d finish the charge.”

Seemingly overjoyed at this split, the next day the Venmo King asked Rosas to officially be his girlfriend.

“Of course not,” she said with a laugh.

Hemant and Nandita “Amal” top, $232, and skirt, $266, both at “Izobel Sandal 100” heels, $1,550, and “Varenne Quad XS” bag, $1,595, both at Earrings, $495, at “Limelight” chain ring, $350 at Location: Gitano, Governors Island

Hemant & Nandita Top

Hemant and Nandita “Amal” top, $232, and skirt, $266, both at “Izobel Sandal 100” heels, $1,550, and “Varenne Quad XS” bag, $1,595, both at Earrings, $495, at “Limelight” chain ring, $350 at Location: Gitano, Governors Island

Hemant & Nandita Top

Hemant and Nandita “Amal” top, $232, and skirt, $266, both at “Izobel Sandal 100” heels, $1,550, and “Varenne Quad XS” bag, $1,595, both at Earrings, $495, at “Limelight” chain ring, $350 at Location: Gitano, Governors Island

Rosas recounts her dates — the good, the bad, and the cheapest — on her weekly “Crystal’s Nightcap” podcast, available on the iHeartRadio app, Apple Music, and Spotify.

It debuted in 2018, while she was living in San Francisco, but “started to pick up steam in 2020… during the pandemic, when nobody had anything to do, I definitely had more ‘listeners,’ Rosas said. “The listeners loved the relationship I had with my ex and [nicknamed him] “Stepping Stone”, because “they thought it would be the stepping stone until I found the true love of my life”. Both have been on and off for years, with many listeners supporting them.

While it’s not entirely clear what will happen with Stepping Stone, she said, “He will always have a special place in my heart. He taught me unconditional love and how a man should treat me. We’re at different places in our lives right now, but I’m never going to say that maybe we’ll ever be back.

L’Académie “The Janeiro” dress, $198 at “Diosa 50” sandals, $850 at “Negative Space Puzzle” earrings, $375 at Location: Gitano, Governors Island
Stephane Yang

One of Rosas’ most serious and enduring relationships, however, is with his listeners. “I constantly talk to my listeners on Snapchat, Instagram and Twitter. They often have a better idea of ​​what’s good for me than me,” she said.

Rosas grew up in Oakland, California, the daughter of Mexican immigrants and the middle child between two brothers. Her father is a driver for residents of a nursing home and her mother owns a property management business. She studied business marketing at California State University, East Bay, and her first radio gig was an internship at a local station. She then hosted “The Crystal Show” on San Francisco’s Wild 94.9 FM before moving to New York and Z100, which draws some 2.9 million listeners a week, in July 2021.

Le says moving to the Big Apple has boosted his podcast — and his love life. But she wants to set the record straight: “This is not a sexual podcast. It’s about encounters and my life. New York also plays a big role because all of these dates are in great locations around the city,” she said.

One is Soho’s Lure Fishbar, where Rosas brought three friends on a date with a “typical finance bro,” she said. Shortly after being seated in the posh downtown haunt, the three women were subjected to a slide show on Finance Bro’s cell phone.

“He was showing us pictures of his Rolex collection. He was absolutely trying to flex on us,” Rosas said. But when the $300 bill arrived, the guy suggested we split it with the ladies. “Here’s this guy who shows us his expensive watches but won’t cover the check,” she said. “Of course, I brought three friends, so I was all for helping pay for it. We were just a little puzzled by the hypocrisy and the audacity.

Rosas, the afternoon host at Z100, is in the studio five days a week covering what she calls "the coveted slot from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m."
Rosas, the afternoon host at Z100, is in the studio five days a week covering what she calls “the coveted 2-6 p.m. slot.”
Nicolas Ciofalo

As for where she finds these guys, she said, “I’m on all the dating apps because I like variety.” That said, she has a type: “As the daughter of immigrants, I like foreigners. I find they have less rights, more respect and more gentlemanly.

As for her ideal match, “I want someone who’s really funny, who has a stable career, who’s generous, and who understands my career and my life,” Rosas said.

And while she relies on apps, she’s also old-fashioned on some things: “I don’t do DM dates,” Rosas said of guys sneaking into her Instagram posts. This is because she doesn’t want potential dates to know what she does for a living until they meet her.

“It’s hard for me to tell if they’re trying to date me for me or because of my job or my status,” she said. “I get amazing benefits and access to cool opportunities, events, and people through my job, and I could see why anyone would want to date me just because of that.”

Although she’s not exactly secretive when it comes to her love life, Rosas often waits a while before revealing the true nature of her profession to her future boyfriends. “I usually tell a first date that I’m a writer because it might make them uncomfortable if I say I host a dating podcast,” she said. “This guy, who I’m still seeing, didn’t believe me, so he googled me and listened to the podcast without telling me.”

She didn’t care, but there was just one problem.

She’d also been on a second date the same day, with another man, and it didn’t go well – he seemed more excited about her future plans of watching a Rangers game with his friends than dating her . “So I talked about the wrong date on the podcast that night and the first guy heard it! He thought I was talking about our date.

“I felt so bad, but he was really sweet about it,” she said, adding that they still see each other casually. “He said, at this point he knows he’ll be discussed on the podcast so he’ll stop listening, but I’m sure he’ll tune in from time to time.”

Rosas isn’t really in a rush to settle down, but she’s thinking about the future.

“I plan to have a family and babies with someone when I’m close to mid-30s. But for now, I’m going to keep enjoying ‘Crystal’s Nightcaps’ until I meet a guy that’s worth it for me to close the bar.

Photos: Stephen Yang; Stylist: Nicole Zane; Hair: T. Cooper using ECRU New York; Makeup: Markphong with Pixi Beauty; Styling Assistant: Alexa Hempel; Nails courtesy of Maria “Betty Cakezz” Castillo at @bettycakezz on Instagram; Location: Gitano, Governors Island.

Problems in your love life? Here are some landmarks from the Georgian era… Thu, 21 Jul 2022 02:05:28 +0000

Sally Holloway, Oxford Brookes University

If there was one thing Georgians loved, it was the very idea of ​​love. The Georgian era, from the coronation of George I in 1714 to the death of George IV in 1830, saw a celebration of love and marriage in popular culture, including in bestselling novels such as Pamela by Samuel Richardson or Virtue Rewarded (1740), which reaches its peak with the heroine’s marriage to her master, Mr B.

Making a socially beneficial match that was also based on love and affection was the most important game men and women would ever play. How they experienced this emotionally charged process is the subject of my book: The Game of Love in Georgian England.

In a time of rapid changes in the way we form our own attachments, it might be good to shake things up and look to the past for some guidance. Here are five dating trends of Georgians that could shape the process of finding love.

1. Go analog

The Georgian era was the great era of epistolary writing, couples courting each other exchanging a veritable torrent of romantic missives. Some have found that practicing writing helps them express feelings that they would not dare to verbalize in person. As valuable sources of intimacy, introspection, and self-disclosure, a flurry of love letters might even outweigh face-to-face encounters.

Letters were treated as precious vessels for love to be touched, kissed, sprayed with perfume, and used to inspire romantic verses. They were often carried in a person’s pockets and hidden under their pillow to inspire dreams while they slept at night.

Many have saved their love letters to read over and over again, cherishing them as treasured evidence of a relationship and a significant moment in their lives. (And, if applicable, significant physical evidence of the engagement in court.)

2. Share a good book

The period saw a boom in the number of titles in print, the novel emerging as a new genre, and an ever-increasing number of men and women who could read and write. As a result, books have become popular romantic gifts.

Some women used books to try to get a man to express his feelings more easily. Feminist philosopher Mary Wollstonecraft sent a volume of Jean-Jacques Rousseau’s best-selling novel Julie, ou La Nouvelle Héloïse (1761) to her lover William Godwin in 1796, with the request that he “dwell upon your own feelings – that is, give me an overview of your heart”.

The savviest lovers would annotate their books, highlighting the passages with which they agreed the most, thus ensuring that they found a spouse with similar intellect, interests and outlook on life.

3. Make crafts

A Handmade Linen Watch Paper Embroidered ‘Love the Giver’ The Trustees of the British Museum, Author Supplied

Georgian women have spent hours crafting delicately designed gifts for their suitors. A woman might make her lover a handkerchief, waistcoat, watch chain, watch paper, and ruffles as a token of her affection. The act demonstrated both her virtue and her accomplishments as a seamstress, while showing her investment in a relationship through the time and work she put into it. It also allowed him to claim a man when he wore his designs in public.

4. Say it with hair

What’s so personal about literally giving someone part of their body as a gift?

Hair held special significance as a token because – like eternal love – it did not fade or decay over time. Giving a man a lock of hair was a sure sign that you were getting married soon. As Margaret Dashwood surmised in Jane Austen’s Sense and Sensibility (1811), Willoughby and Marianne were certain to “marry very soon, for he has a lock of her hair”. Georgians put strands of hair into an assortment of jewelry including buttons, brooches, lockets, bracelets and rings, which were braided, sprinkled with tiny seed beads and even chopped up to make delicate hair paintings .

A gold pendant.
Enameled gold pendant representing a flower decorated with hair and the motto “Ricordati De Me” (“Remember Me”), with a lock of braided hair on the reverse. Victoria & Albert Museum, Author Provided

It wasn’t always hair off your head either. Aristocrat Lady Caroline Lamb sent an envelope of pubic hair to her lover Lord Byron during their torrid affair in 1812, and Yorkshire heiress Anne Lister stored pubic hair collected from her lovers in a cabinet, which she kept as “curiosities”.

5. Regroup

Poorer rural couples engaged in a tradition known as ‘bundling’ which was practiced throughout the British Isles. It was a couple lying together in the wife’s family home – fully clothed – sometimes separated by a wooden board, or with the wife’s petticoat tied at the bottom with a knot. The ritual helped couples bond by spending time alone and staying up late to talk, without necessarily engaging in sex.

And yet so did many young couples – illegitimacy rates rose sharply over the century and up to a third of brides were already pregnant on their wedding day in England.

A painting of a man forced to marry a pregnant woman.
A groom is forced down the aisle to marry his pregnant wife in The Unwilling Bridegroom, or Forc’d Meat Will Never Be Digested, London. The Trustees of the British Museum, CC BY-NC

These various words, tokens, and acts of love provided men and women with a vital way to get to know each other, test their compatibility, and build greater intimacy before marriage. The ultimate goal was a happy and contented union with a partner of similar rank and fortune. He provided a crucial pathway to that other key goal then — and indeed for many relationships today — lasting happiness.

Sally Holloway, Vice-Chancellor’s Scholar in History and Art History, Oxford Brookes University

This article is republished from The Conversation under a Creative Commons license. Read the original article.

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Andy Cohen describes his love life as “emotionally chaotic” Tue, 19 Jul 2022 16:34:06 +0000

Meeting a celebrity is not the easiest task. And dating two small children would probably make it exponentially more difficult. Just ask bravo boss Andy Cohen. He’s talked about his love life before, but now he’s getting a little more candid about how difficult it can be.

As reported by page 6, Andy opened up about the difference between his love life with two kids on an episode of SiriusXM’s Stern Show Summer School. Andy told the host Gary Dell’Abate and Rahsaan Rogers that being a single dad makes dating a lower priority. He explained: “Dating is a different story because you know, I haven’t done it, there are two types of people, people you want to date and people you…”

Andy did not finish his sentence but Rahsan chimed in, “People you want to hit.” Andy laughed, “Thank you. Thanks Rassan. OK. So the answer is the dating stuff that, you know, I’ve been on a few dates. The Watch what’s happening live the host also said the encounters became “emotionally chaotic in my mind.”

When asked how he determines he is ready to introduce a partner to his children, Andy recalled a boyfriend who met his son Ben Cohen. Andy shared, “You know what, actually he’s someone who met my son. I was on vacation with my son. And I had met this guy when I was on vacation. And so he had actually met him. He added, “I just vibed him when the moment felt right.”

Back in May, Andy revealed he was on several dating sites following the welcoming of his baby girl, Lucy Cohen. The busy Bravo exec confessed: ‘I’ve been on a lot of dating sites. I really use them more as video games. I use them more because I’m at home to kill time. Like, ‘It’s fun to watch.’ It’s more fun than playing Scrabble online, let me tell you.

at Andy’s two children were both born by surrogate mother. Well arrived in February 2019 and Lucy made them a family of three in April this year. Andy recently revealed that the two are “biological siblings”. He raised some eyebrows in June when he said he had three embryos left for his children to use when they were older.


[Photo Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo] ]]>