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For a matchmaker, a similar education is a litmus test for compatibility. “There’s also a level of personality matching that these aunts do. They’ll never be able to express it well, but it’s kind of like, ‘Oh, she’s super fickle’ or ‘She needs someone. one that’s gentler. “These are the calculations they make and these are the natural signals that people in India have picked up on when they try to trick you. Now I have more appreciation for this institution than growing up, ”she says.

The pandemic pivot

Dubey was named CEO of Dallas-based Match Group in early 2020, weeks before the world went shutdown. As a business leader that relied on two people meeting in person, it was a test by fire. “We’ve seen a pretty steep drop in almost all metrics across all of our platforms. It became clear that people couldn’t go out and meet, and that was going to have to change drastically. One of the first things Dubey did was speed up all video features and products. Dubey has been a big fan of video dating for years, but some early trial and error proved that the technology at the time couldn’t keep up with his vision. Now that there are smartphones in each hand and the Zoom grids are our new meeting rooms, she sees them as an important half-date leading up to an IRL meeting – a chance to have more information beyond that. someone’s photo and biography. Of course, the video features have taken off in a phenomenal way. Plus, with video, geography, which was previously the biggest dating constraint, has blurred and people have started looking for connections all over the world.

Oddly enough, a month after the lockdown began, the company began to see engagement, especially among women, at levels they had never had before. Tinder had the highest level of correspondence and longer conversations, which made Dubey think twice. The pandemic had pushed people to find partners. “It’s a human need – none of us do well with loneliness and the isolation of the pandemic has people saying that I will never isolate on my own again.” COVID-19 has also forced most people to re-prioritize what matters to them. Dubey says their polls have shown honesty has become more prized than physical appearance. It also generated income. Wired reported that Match Group ended its pandemic year with revenues 17% higher than the previous year.

Love, in fact

Dubey appears to have a strong and successful marriage, but says his own romance doesn’t really influence his work. She pulls the curtain back a bit to offer a glimpse into this inner world, when she says she’s driven by a desperate desire for everyone to find that relationship that makes them better versions of themselves. “I met my husband over 25 years ago and I absolutely think my life is better with him than it would be without him. The optimism, happiness and growth that comes with a relationship drives me to help everyone find it, ”she says. Sounds like the archetype of what Match users might hope for when they sign up.

There is no formula for falling in love, but Dubey offers two: “If you are looking for love that lasts, the main absolute criteria are kindness and generosity. Two human beings will never be in sync at all times, from youth to middle age and old age. It is not possible. So the basic thing that we need is to be able to have the kindness and generosity to give them space and show how much we are there for them. If she can figure out how to code that in an app, her title “boss of romance” will need an upgrade.

Sharmistha Dubey won the Tech Leader of the Year award at Vogue Women of the Year 2021.

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Has the pandemic changed the dating game? Thu, 02 Dec 2021 11:28:23 +0000

As we move towards 2022, we can relate to being on the cusp of two deadlines – one where social distancing was imperative and the other where socialization has returned to normal. With the rise of the post-pandemic world, a lot has changed; not like Thanos’ post-snap world of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but things have changed. But has it changed the dating game?

Seize the moment

Aili Seghetti, a dating coach from Mumbai, believes the lockdown has made people more adventurous. “Ever since the thought of uncertainty and death crept in, it has prompted people to be adventurous and seize the moment. I get a lot of girls who are open to dating, which was not the case before, “she adds. Samarpita Samaddar, India Communications Manager, Bumble shares:” The time spent in blockages allowed people to focus on what they are really looking for while dating, giving them a renewed sense of clarity and confidence to take control of their love life when they meet new people. ” Samaddar also shares statistics and adds: “74% of single Indian respondents believe there is a decrease in negative dating behaviors such as ghosting, breadcrumbs, cat fishing, among others.


The lockdown also gave individuals plenty of time to introspect. “Post-pandemic people are more vocal about being bi-curious now. I get a lot of inquiries about this, ”Seghetti says, adding,“ Plus, sex toy sales have grown a lot since the lockdown left people with few options. In a city like Pune where the majority of its population is made up of students, the lockdown has brought about crucial changes. “Due to the lockdown, the students had to relocate to their hometowns, which led to the couples having a long-distance relationship. I have several friends who have gone for an open relationship arrangement, something they would never even have thought of committing to. Also, trios and swing are very popular these days, ”says Kabir Khurana, RJ in Pune.



While for other couples, the post-pandemic world has introduced them to the concept of staycation. Jyoti Pandey, a public relations professional, harnessed herself just before the lockdown. “We had to explore other options. Since it was also dangerous to party with random strangers in a club, we started to staycations often. Most of the time it’s me and my husband or a group of friends who go for the weekend. And now we’re hooked on it because it’s safer and more comfortable, ”Pandey shares.


For singles, the post-pandemic dating world can be a bit intimidating. “We now depend on dating apps,” explains Dr Rutuj Mali, who often commutes between Mumbai and Pune. “Previously, you could go out and meet women organically, however, in my experience; confidence took a hit. We were so comfortable behind the screens that now I’m afraid to say ‘hello’ to a random girl, ”he adds. Dating coach Pratik Jain says, “Those who were socially anxious are more anxious now. However, the bigger question is: has the pandemic changed the world? I do not think so. It may have made a few minute changes, but nothing drastic. Awareness is simply not limited to oneself. Daters are more aware in terms of understanding toxic relationships and aware of the virus. According to a study by Bumble, 38% of daters polled would not go on a date or have sex with someone who has not received the COVID vaccine.

Brigitte Mena talks dating game on new single “Honeybee” Thu, 25 Nov 2021 19:37:23 +0000

Over the past (almost) two years, many have chosen to reflect and consider what makes us flourish. For some, this means spending more time with loved ones. For others, it is about distancing oneself from those who no longer bring us joy. For singer-songwriter Brigitte Mena, both were needed throughout the ongoing pandemic.

During the pandemic, Mena, 28, ended a three-year relationship. Over the past year, Mena has learned to find solace in her own company, embraced hobbies, and chooses to put effort into platonic friends.

“It has been the best year of my life,” Mena said. “I didn’t know how to be single. I didn’t know how to be alone. And I also realize that I have lost a lot of connection with my friends. When you enter into a long-term relationship, you spend the majority of your time with that person. I made a promise to myself after that. I can no longer take this road. I have to take time for myself, take time for my friends, and really focus on myself.

On his latest album, Element, which was released last summer, Mena sings on guitar and instrumental drums about love, life and loss. “Unfinished Business” is a folk / alt-rock song about the dreams she had about her father, who passed away years ago. “Captain & Crook” is a song inspired by Peter Pan on which she swears to always protect her younger sister. “Maniac” is inspired by the Netflix limited series Maniacal, with Jonah Hill and Emma Stone.

When writing Element, Mena felt frustrated, she said, with a lack of inspiration for songwriting. She challenged herself to seek inspiration in her normal elements.

“I need to be in an emotional state to write something,” Mena says. “For Element, I wanted to look outside of this lens.

“I basically felt like I was that flower; sort of rooted and stuck in this place in my life. And the bee was the experience I had with dating. – Brigitte Ména

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She took a similar approach when writing “Honeybee,” her latest single, released last month. On “Honeybee”, she returns to the dating game after embracing her single status. “If I had one simple wish… I would be free as a bird, golden as a bee, cutting out what made me weak,” she sings over the ballad, acknowledging the fact that she has withdrawn from her. life of the things that hindered its growth. .

“I got into gardening during COVID,” says Mena. “I noticed this bee on this flower, and it was just a really beautiful moment. To me, I basically felt like I was that flower; sort of rooted and stuck in this place in my life. And the bee was the experience I had with dating; how people can just come into your life and take what they need from you. And then once they have that, they can calm down.

In real life, Mena is in no rush to get back into dating. She tried dating apps “for about two months” before finally removing them, citing red flags like “only being in town for one night” or “all the photos from the gym.”

Perhaps it was Mena’s psychologist who allowed her to see these red flags. At Southern Methodist University, she studied vocal performance and psychology, as she originally intended to become a therapist or counselor. His first album, Maslow, is inspired by the hierarchy of needs of psychologist Abraham Maslow, and even “Honeybee”, it is inspired by symbiotic relationships and the theory of attachment.

But music remains Mena’s true love. When not writing songs for herself, she performs covers in a band called Midnight Soul, which formed last summer, drawing inspiration from The Weeknd, Michael Jackson and Stevie Wonder.

Over the next year, Mena plans to release several new singles inspired by her regained freedom, including a song about her dog and a song about the ghost. She has written a new album, “acoustically speaking,” and plans to work with her band to record the songs.

“The theme of this album is basically my experience with all this year of growing and learning how to be – I don’t mean single, but by myself,” Mena says, “and really figuring out how to navigate. in this world like, as an individual and not depending on someone else to grow.

Here are 5 cuteness tips for a successful online dating game Tue, 16 Nov 2021 08:00:00 +0000

Online dating apps have become the latest trend in this modern digital world. They allow us to explore and meet the type of people we would probably never come across in our daily lives. The apps became immensely popular during the COVID-19 pandemic and gave some interaction respite when everyone was stuck in their homes. But what works on dating apps? Well, we’re not love gurus, but one thing that will likely work in any form of dating is kindness. People like to be around generous people and we don’t need a survey to tell us that. We’re looking at some things that might help you succeed in your dating game with kindness.

Respect each other’s space

While it is good to be interested and want to know things about the other person’s life, their personal life should never be violated. Take it slow and let things unfold naturally. It is not because they do not wish to take the plunge that they are not interested. they probably want to take the time and wait for things to develop on their own rather than because of the extra effort. The first step in building a positive relationship is to respect their individual space.


Any relationship is two-way traffic. Listening and understanding each other’s emotions is a very important thing to earn a job. No one always wants to be with someone who just has to say things and who has no respect for what they want to say

Are you judging too much? Please remember this

A meeting or two is never enough to get to know someone. It’s important to have an instant connection, but some equations take a long time to come up. Give time and don’t jump around trying to judge the other person. Judgment will surely prevent you from knowing your probable partner and this “probable” in his designation might never go away. Humans are complex and have their own understanding, be sure to try to understand their point of view before you find fault with them.

A little honesty won’t hurt

Like them? Tell them. You don’t like them? Tell them, but in an appropriate way. Giving someone grief is never an ideal situation, but what is more problematic is bringing them into something that will never happen. Just be honest with yourself and with others and communicate your feelings. So that you don’t necessarily have to break their hearts by ghosts or ignoring them.

Express gratitude

Take advantage of the time with the? Please tell them because this is not a mutual fund that will give higher results at a later stage. Everyone loves to hear good things and if you enjoy spending time with them, just let them be with your gestures. Write a note or message or just say it, but let them know how much they mean to you. It will surely make them feel good

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]]> Ask Amy: A Man In His 50s Still Baffled By The Dating Game Fri, 12 Nov 2021 08:00:00 +0000

Dear Amy: I am a man in my late fifties.

I’m currently dating – or trying to date myself.

It’s clear to me now that I’ll never know women, so explain what just happened here: I met a woman on a dating app, and we had one of those perfect first dates – lots of laughs, lots of agreement, each finishing each other’s sentences, easily planning the next date.

At the end, I kissed her and she kissed me back.

Second date, I prepared dinner. We had a great time and a great conversation. We had agreed in advance that it was not overnight. Another good date, and at the end, we kissed.

The third date was a dinner and a play. At dinner, I walked over to her chair and kissed her, and she kissed me back.

But now I realized I was the only one reaching out for a kiss.

She didn’t back down or back down, but she never initiated it.

So, at the end of the meeting, I refrained from kissing her.

Later, I texted her and pointed out that I had deliberately not kissed her, and she replied, “I know, and it made me want to kiss you!”

What does it mean ?

Soon after, she showed her character by ghosting me, so I’m reassured that I haven’t lost much.

– Confused by women

Dear Confused: You seem to be good at the mechanics and dynamics of courtesy: (Third date dinner and play? Well done!)

I can’t speak for all women (or even some women), and yet – the dynamic that you call bewildering seems – to me – to be simple human nature. When you step back a little, creating space, another person will instinctively step forward.

Still, developing a sexual / romantic relationship can be like participating in a tennis match choreographed by Twyla Tharp. You fly, she comes back. You advance, she meets you at the net. You step back, she throws a great deal.

You haven’t done anything wrong. You’ve noticed a trend and communicated about it. She then told you exactly what you needed to know: when you held back, it created a desire in her.

His return text could have caused a round of fun flirting. Instead, you seem baffled.

There are times when two people just crash together. It is rare and wonderful.

For all those other times, I suggest you initiate fewer kisses and bend more instead. Physical proximity, eye contact, a touch on the arm will telegraph your interest. If she loves you, she will show it. You should let her do it.

Dear Amy: I have been divorced from the father of my two children for over 20 years. Our children are adults now but were quite young when we got divorced.

My ex-husband was physically and verbally abusive.

My older sister has been friends with him on Facebook for years.

I know this because my ex-husband mentioned it and joked about his extreme political positions.

I asked her this several years ago and she told me that she was friends with him on Facebook because she wanted to see his pictures of my children.

I did not like his answer but I did not insist on the question.

I feel betrayed by her.

Yesterday I asked her again about this and she defended it again with the same answer but said she would remove him from Facebook as a friend (to me).

I still feel betrayed. How to overcome this feeling of betrayal?

– Faithful brother

Dear Loyal: The way for you to get over this lingering feeling would be to rephrase your sister’s choice as a blunder or a mistake. The word “betrayal” is loaded, and while this word can accurately describe how you feel, detaching yourself from the word will help detach yourself from the feeling.

Understand that your sister has the right to connect with anyone on Facebook.

If this hurts you, you should tell him.

Dear Amy: Glad you explained the “churning” of credit cards to your readers.

My brother got into this, in large part, driven by the bulletin boards on the Internet.

Unfortunately, when trying to play with the system, the system ended up playing it.

He landed even more in debt, and now his credit is ruined.

– Concerning

Dear Concern: While this practice is not illegal, people who try it should be organized – and pay their bills on time!

You can email Amy Dickinson at or send a letter to Ask Amy, PO Box 194, Freeville, NY 13068.

Meet the USC Students Who ‘WON’ the ‘Squid Dating Game’ – Annenberg Media Thu, 04 Nov 2021 07:00:00 +0000

Chloe Tran, a sophomore major in sociology, was on her way to USC Village when a man in a red jumpsuit approached her with a recruiting card for the “Squid Dating Game,” a dating game founded by Monji Batmunkh to help make real connections. between students through SoCal.

This social experiment began Wednesday evening at 9 p.m. The students had an hour to connect with the others in the hopes of eventually making a game. The students with the most matches won the cash prize.

Tran – along with five other students – each made $ 425 after going blind through multiple sets of audio dates.

“I was a little hesitant,” said Tran, who is in a committed relationship, “but my boyfriend said ‘go get that bag, baby. “” Tran won with 16 games.

Tran described the experience as “refreshing” and liked the idea of ​​being able to meet people through their voices rather than their faces, which is exactly what creator Batmunkh hoped for.

Batmunkh is a USC alumnus who entered the startup world in 2019. He launched the app called “Matter” because he wanted dating apps to focus only on outward appearances. The creator said the app had nothing to do with the “Squid Game” show, it was just a marketing tactic that worked.

Tristan Slagle, winner of the dating game, electrical engineering graduate, said: “My friend sent me the link, and I thought ‘Squid Game, cool’ and I just signed up.”

Slagle, like all the other winners, had no idea he would win the grand prize. He said he’s active on several dating apps and believes this game goes beyond the typical swiping left or right. He was also the winner with 16 games.

“Normal dating apps don’t make people feel good,” Batmunkh said comparing his app to popular ones, “People crave something more meaningful.”

There were a total of 900 people on the app, 821 of them were USC students and the rest were UCLA.

For each player who joined the game, $ 5 was added to the jackpot. Half of the total amount was donated to Colleges Against Cancer. The rest was divided among the five winners.

Another big winner was Briana Connors, a freshman majoring in sociology. Connors had no intention of winning and entered because she heard the money would be donated to ACE.

“It was cool to have the most random [conversations], I would definitely do it again, just to talk to people, ”Connors said. She was another winner with 15 games.

Batmunkh also mentioned that students use it as a way to take breaks from schoolwork.

The winners indicated that many of the conversations focused on school-related topics. “Everyone has their routine with their friends and it’s cool that people hook up with other bands,” Tran said.

Ana Gutierrez Covarrubias, a second year student majoring in communication and cognitive science, said she only signed up for the game because there was money at stake.

“I have never joined a dating app, so I was hesitant,” Covarrubias said.

Covarrubias didn’t think she would do it again but loved that every conversation was different, making the dating game a great experience for her. She also won with 15 games.

Batmunkh plans to continue the Squid Dating game at all SoCal colleges. The next online college is Cal State Fullerton.

Correction: A previous version of this story misspelled Monji Batmunkh’s name. Annenberg Media apologizes for this error.

When Mom Takes On Your Dating Game – With Jordan Conroy Wed, 27 Oct 2021 07:00:00 +0000
@ChrisisAinmDom is prohibited from purchasing

Caoimhe Ní Chathail and Proinsias Ó Coinn have put Meath influencer Chris Murphy on a purchase ban.

Beyond the menu

RTÉ One, 8:30 p.m.

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Bloody sunday

TG4, 9:30 p.m.

Bloody Sunday: November 21, 1920
Bloody Sunday: November 21, 1920

Bloody Sunday 1920 – a massacre that sent shockwaves through world politics. Men, women, children and footballers all died on the pitch after 90 seconds of gunfire by British forces at Croke Park in Dublin. With archival documents and interviews with historians.

Celebrity tugging with my parents

RTÉ2, 9:30 p.m.

Jennie and Jordan Conroy
Jennie and Jordan Conroy

Jordan Conroy may be the star of Ireland’s rugby sevens team, but mum Jennie wants to tackle her dismal dating game.

Callan kicks the years

RTÉ One, 9:35 p.m.

Oliver Callan as Francis Brennan in Callan Kicks the Years
Oliver Callan as Francis Brennan in Callan Kicks the Years

Oliver Callan’s satirical story shows how the threat of jiving and dancehalls prevented the rise of feminism at a time when RTÉ was started by censor-happy bishops.


Arena, RTÉ 1, 7 p.m .: Irish actress Ruth Negga chats with Seán Rocks about her new Netflix film, an adaptation of Nella Larsen Passing’s novel.

Oblivion Sessions, RTÉ 2XM, 7pm: audio of’s new Irish music show, featuring Cork noise makers Pretty Happy and singer-songwriter Damien Dempsey; as well as discussions with Radie Peat of the traditional revivalists Lankum.

Alternating current, Dublin Digital Radio, 9pm: Second evening of the studio portion of the DDR New Irish Music Season – new works by Irish sound artist and songwriter Rachel Ní Chuinn.

Pearl Modiadie announces she’s back in the dating game Tue, 26 Oct 2021 07:00:00 +0000
  • Pearl Modiadie shared that she is ready to meet a new man in her life as she is back in the dating game.
  • The stunner has been away from the game for some time because she has been busy caring for her one-year-old son, Lewatle Olivier.
  • The media personality broke up with the father of her child Nathaniel Oppenheimer last year shortly after welcoming their baby together

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Pearl Modiadie has revealed that she is back in the dating game. She had been off the market for a while because she was busy with her rich baby daddy, Nathaniel Oppenheimer. After their separation, she focused on raising her baby boy Lewatle.

Pearl Modiadie is ready to go out again. Image: @pearlmodiadie
Source: Instagram

The media personality recently took to social media to share that she has re-entered “Mjolofontein”. Lewatle’s mother is ready to mingle and look for a new man in her life.

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Pearl Modiadie wrote on Twitter:

“As I enter Mjolofontein. “

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Some of his fans took to his timeline on the microblogging app to wish him luck, as Mjolo looks more like a pandemic to Mzansi these days. Check out some of their comments below:

@Bekzardegeneral wrote:

“LOL, good luck.”

@ds_sihle commented:

“Good luck.”

According to ZAlebs, Pearl and Nathaniel broke up last year after welcoming their baby together.

Pearl Modiadie Shows Off Her Little Man In Luxurious Outfit

In related news, Brief News reported that Pearl Modiadie’s little man is growing rapidly. The former Metro FM presenter took to social media to share a stunning photo of her cute little boy in a luxurious outfit.

Lewatle Olivier also donned a chic Hugo Boss cap for kids which cost around R700. The beautiful shot has melted the hearts of many of her mom’s friends in the entertainment industry and her fans.

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The media personality recently took to Instagram to post the snap. Pearl Modiadie captioned her message: “The Monday Blues”. Pearl followers and friends in the entertainment industry took to his comments section to share their thoughts on Olivier’s photo and how cute he is. One of the slindilendou_ fans wrote: “

“Bathong … What a level of cuteness this is. “


Germany’s coalition dating game starts to get serious Thu, 07 Oct 2021 07:00:00 +0000

BERLIN – After a frenzied week of political speed dating between five German political parties eager to form the next government, three of them on Thursday took the first – very timid – step towards forming a kind of alliance that the country has never seen it before, trying to bridge deep ideological divides.

On Thursday Olaf Scholz, the future German Chancellor whose Social Democrats narrowly won last month’s elections, met with the leaders of the Greens and Free Democrats for their first talks – or, to be more precise, talks on d ‘other talks – to try to create a coalition. All came out hopeful about their prospects.

After a lackluster campaign among candidates who appeared allergic to interest, the prospect of a three-way relationship plunged the German media into a vertigo of sexual innuendo – before party leaders even turned off their phones, n ‘lower the blinds, close the door and did not emerge for hours on Thursday.

Journalists and political analysts have shown an unlimited fondness for references to flirtation, romance, business and, of course, a threesome – or, in German, a “float Dreier.” On the political talk show “Tough but Fair”, the host asked, “Who needs Tinder when dating in Berlin has started so forcefully?” The news magazine Der Spiegel asked Mr Scholz in an interview if he expected to find “love” in a three-way coalition.