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THE FIRST QUESTION: “Is the ‘upper room’ a church? Strictly speaking, the answer is “No”. It is certainly a place of evangelical Christian fellowship, but if by “church” you mean a dedicated place of worship, with a steeple, stained glass windows, wooden benches and a richly carved pulpit, then, no, the Upper House. is not a church. So Christopher Luxon didn’t lie to RNZ’s Suzie Fergusson on Wednesday morning (1/12/21) when he said he hadn’t been in a church for five years.

Where I come from, however, we would call Luxon’s answer “Jesuitical” – which means “to practice casuistry or equivocation; use subtle or overly subtle reasoning; cunning; smart; scheming. “Why? Well, think about Luxon’s response for a moment or two. Five years ago Luxon’s political career was just a glint in Prime Minister John Key’s eyes. He was still at the head of Air NZ, still earning over $ 4 million a year and, almost certainly, still a key Fellowship of the Upper Room participant.

Why not frankly admit that you belong to the Cenacle? What is it in this community that prompts Luxon and its advisors to do as little as possible? The answer lies in the information unearthed by the kind of journalists who know where to go to search the Internet for connections between evangelical Christian fraternities and ambitious right-wing politicians. What that research revealed was a decidedly Trumpian-sympathetic Upper House pastor whose political views appeared to align with those of the American Christian right. Unsurprisingly, Luxon went out of his way to put these “interesting” associations as far behind him as possible.

Indeed, his embarrassment is evident in the way he tries to dissuade reporters from scrutinizing his Christian beliefs. He said at his first press conference as leader of the opposition that his faith had been “distorted and portrayed in a very negative way.” This personal faith, he said, was something that “anchored me and put me in [a] context that is bigger than me. Anticipating the next question from the assembled reporters, he went on to clearly state his belief in the “separation of politics and faith”.

It is a rather particular formulation. Most people who had seriously thought about the question would have used the more familiar wording: separation of church and state. There are many solid historical and philosophical reasons for keeping spiritual and temporal powers in their place. Theocracies are not comfortable places to live.

Jesus himself famously responded to the dreadful challenges of power and godliness with his wonderfully (and typically) riddle: “Return therefore to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s; and to God those things which are God’s.

But to separate “faith” and “politics”? Well, that’s a very different question. Many would say that no Christian worth his salt would ever attempt to do such a thing. Did Jesus separate faith and politics when he flogged the money changers and overturned their tables? When he cried out, “The Scriptures say, ‘My Temple shall be called a house of prayer,’ but you have turned it into a den of thieves! Was the Galilean carpenter keeping politics low when he said to his followers: “[I]It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich person to enter the Kingdom of God! (One can only speculate how easy it is for the owner of Seven Houses to enter Heaven!)

What kind of Christian would try to persuade his brothers and sisters that the moral imperatives of their faith should not, in any case, be concretely expressed in the world of flesh and blood in which they inhabit? If the Almighty commands: “You shall not kill. So, isn’t it for a Christian lawmaker to make laws prohibiting murder and manslaughter? (What about abortion?) To suggest, as Luxon does, that faith and politics can – and should – be separated, admits only of two possible conclusions. Either he does not understand the obligations of a Christian. Or, it isn’t.

TDB recommends

Then again, he may be the kind of Christian who gave us the word I used earlier, “Jesuit”.

The “Society of Jesus” – the Jesuits – was formed in 1540 to combat the “error” of Protestantism at a time when the Catholic Church and the followers of Martin Luther and his theological reformers were locked in a deadly battle for l soul of Christendom. In the bitter religious and military conflicts resulting from the Catholic “Counter-Reformation,” the Jesuit Order became the equivalent of the Pope’s Navy SEALs – an elite ideological force in the defense of the only true faith. As is the case with so many elite units, the purposes of Jesuit spiritual warfare missions were deemed important enough to warrant all kinds of means.

Fast forward to the twentieth and twenty-first centuries, and Christianity is still a religion bitterly divided between those caught up in the struggle to determine what belongs to Caesar and what belongs to God; and those who heretically came to regard the purposes of God and the purposes of Caesar as one and the same.

The first see the walking orders of God in the Sermon of Jesus on the Mount: and in the preferential option of God for the poor. They believe that God exercises His authority through those He chooses to rule a lost and sinful world. Above all, they don’t have to be good men. The murderer and adulterer, King David, was he a good man? God loved him, however. All that matters is that such men rise to positions from which the will of God can be manifested. The American Christian right immediately understood that Donald Trump was not a good man. But, they believed with all their heart that he was the man of God.

Which of these two groups does Christopher Luxon belong to?

As the Taxpayers Union was quick to point out, a man who accepted a $ 4 million pay cut to enter Parliament was clearly not doing it for the money! Interviewed on camera by Stuff, just hours after becoming the new leader of the National Party, Luxon traces his interest in politics back to a biography of Winston Churchill – a man who from an early age was convinced that God had a special purpose for him. The biographies of “great men” shaped Luxon’s understanding of business and politics. If the Taxpayers Union is right and he’s not in Parliament for the money, then why is he here? For power?

Luxon insists its goal is to bring National back to moderation. If that’s true, then we have to wish him luck. But I can’t help but recall her difficulty in answering Suzie Fergusson’s questions about her faith. To be an evangelical Christian is to be a proud publisher of the “good news” of Christ to “all nations”. No Christian politician should ever remain silent when challenged to declare his mission. Jesus’ “agenda” has not changed for 2000 years:

“Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind ‘and love your neighbor as yourself.”

The only world worth fighting for politically, and the only world worth living in, is the world that Caesar walks in the same order.

West Seattle Blog… | KENYON HALL: The shows must continue Thu, 02 Dec 2021 04:28:00 +0000

By Tracy Record
West Seattle Blog Editor

Seven months after the untimely death of its longtime director, Kenyon Room comes back to life.

Lou MagorS’s sudden death in April came a year after a period that was already uncertain and baffling for all involved in the arts. And then, mourning its charismatic leader, fans of Kenyon Hall wondered about the future of this historic place.

But now Kenyon Hall is once again hosting shows – from recorded and streamed performances like last weekend’s concert by Casey MacGill, To The twelfth night productions‘next holiday game in person, opening soon. The board of directors of its non-profit parent company Seattle artists stepped in to actively do the job that needs to be done, ”explained a longtime board member Connie corrick, in a conversation with us at the lobby (7904 35th SW).

This includes providing income to keep the venue in business. In addition to hosting performances, the hall was also used for music and dance lessons, before the pandemic. Now part of it is coming back, Corrick told us – music lessons and tai chi are back on the calendar, to begin with.

Seattle Artists board members are stepping up their efforts “until we feel like we can hire someone” to run the venue, she explained. It’s a new role for the artists on the board, herself included – “Lou had always been the one running the room – the board has always been a support. Now we become an active board of directors, taking responsibility. It followed shock and grief. “It was devastating to lose him so unexpectedly – he intended to run the place for at least 5 more years! But we all took the plunge. It wasn’t about just sitting around, it was ‘was a question of how to move forward.

COVID, of course, complicated matters: “We couldn’t just reopen. ”

But gradually they started to move in that direction, with the support of many artists who performed in the venue – “many volunteered to do live shows – Lou had started this – to generate income. , for them too. They are interested (to ensure) that the legacy and history of the hall can continue.

This history dates back over a century, including its beginnings as the Olympic Heights Social Club. The story is part of the charm of the venue, but also part of its challenges – it has taken work over the years, although so far, Corrick says, “anything is achievable.” But bathrooms do need some work, and a 1960s oven might need more than routine maintenance for a long time. They are raising funds in a campaign called “Lights on for Lou, “to” keep the lights on. “(Seattle Artists owns the venue, and there is a mortgage to pay.)

(Lou Magor souvenir exhibition near the hall door)

The date has been set, meanwhile, for the great celebration of his life which could not take place in the spring or summer, again because of the pandemic. May 14 and / or 15, 2022 are the dates they wrote in pencil. And the best tribute of all will be to have some more things to do in the room by then.

First of all, “Twelfth Night Productions”It’s a Wonderful Life: A Live Radio PlayWill be back at Kenyon Hall for performances on December 10, 11, 17 and 18 at 7:30 pm and December 12 and 19 at 3 pm. (Get tickets here!) Look for announcements on other shows soon after the first of the year.

And what about the hall’s legendary Mighty Wurlitzer pipe organ (itself almost a century old)?

Corrick says Dennis james will be back in March to play it alongside silent films – a house favorite. And she and the rest of the board will do everything in their power to ensure the continuity of the shows: “So many people, performers and audience members, love the venue – it’s an honor to be part of it. ‘try to keep that alive. But not just by preserving the place – she is also grateful that they can “help people feel the welcome and the joy that Lou has brought here.”

Browns offense crumbles, as playoff hopes soar – Cleveland Browns blog Wed, 01 Dec 2021 11:09:49 +0000

BEREA, Ohio – Despite another inept performance, the Cleveland Browns offense still had one last chance to defeat the Baltimore Ravens.

Except for anyone who had actually watched the Browns offense on Sunday night – or for that matter, the past two months – couldn’t have had much confidence in a winning practice. Sure enough, Cleveland summarily beat four goals, with three noncompletions from Baker Mayfield, followed by an assist to David Njoku well below the first scorer.

Once again – and for the sixth time in seven games – the Browns failed to score more than 17 points, this time resulting in a 16-10 loss to Baltimore that officially put Cleveland’s playoff hopes. .

Last year, Cleveland’s crushing offense surged into the playoffs, propelling the Browns to their first playoff appearance since 2002.

This season, the offense has completely stabilized.

“It’s very frustrating,” said Kevin Stefanski, who just over a year ago was named NFL Coach of the Year as he called coins for the much-vaunted Browns offense. “Not scoring enough is always a combination of things – staying on the pitch on the third down, trying to run the ball efficiently and going into the red zone. … But we’re just not doing a good enough job, and it starts with me.

Stefanski said on Monday that the Browns will spend the upcoming week off self-research, trying to find cures for what’s plaguing the offense. But he also said the Browns would not take drastic action. Stefanski will remain the playmaker. Mayfield will remain the starting quarterback.

“There are a bunch of different things we can do better,” Stefanski said. “When we spend time looking at it and taking it apart, the first thing we’re going to say is, ‘Okay, what are we good at? Can we do it more? How can we add nuance to it? How can you add wrinkles to it? So what are we not so good at and can we improve? Can we do that type of game or whatever? ‘

“This is where this week off can be a deep dive into who we really are.”

The problem is, at such a late stage in the season, it’s hard to imagine the offense being much different or much better than it has been.

As of Week 5, Cleveland ranks 24th for offensive efficiency, 25th for expected added offensive points, 19th for yards per game, 24th for third down conversion rate and 26th for first downs per game.

In other words, the Browns inexplicably own one of the worst offenses in the NFL, on almost every level. And the sample size is no longer that small.

“Just frustrating,” guard Joel Bitonio said. “We understand that there are points to be scored. … He was [like that for] a few weeks.”

The defenses took over.

They stack the box to stop the race and challenge the Browns to throw. And Mayfield and his smugglers couldn’t capitalize.

“We just need to make more plays,” said Mayfield, whose only touchdown pass to Njoku on Sunday could have been undone as it seemed to bounce off the turf first. “As simple as it sounds, it really is like that. There are pieces to be done and we have to do them. “

Stefanski continues to try to compose these pieces. But in the face of those loaded boxes, he has sometimes strayed from what the Browns do best.

At halftime on Sunday, Pro Bowl backer Nick Chubb had just four runs, his smallest number in the first half since 2019, according to ESPN Stats & Information.

Together, Chubb and Kareem Hunt finished with just 15 carries for just 36 yards, as running play became a non-factor against the Ravens.

“At the end of the day, we didn’t have enough opportunities to let our racing game play out for us,” Stefanski said. “When it wasn’t going, we sometimes pivoted into the passing game.”

Despite Mayfield and the line’s various injuries, which had their effect, it’s still hard to believe the offense has regressed to this point from last season, when it finished sixth in the league in efficiency.

With the return of the 11 starters, plus every key save, this offense was poised to take another big step forward. Instead, he took several back.

Now a season that started with so much promise is slipping away.

With offensive issues, a week off alone probably can’t fix it.

End inequalities. Ending AIDS | Blog Tue, 30 Nov 2021 10:34:31 +0000

Inclusive India is the need of the day. One of the main priorities is to resolve critical tensions and create a positive global impact. As Durex India, we want to release freedom to allow everyone to express themselves and behave according to their true sexual self. No one can be, or should be, left behind. Everyone can adorn their true and independent identity. It is a necessity for any society and nation to involve and absorb not only individuals, but different communities.

The main action to forge this agenda, and to take several steps in the right direction, is to educate our young people, especially adolescents. They need safe platforms and spaces, where they can engage in critical social, sexual and healthy conversations. Openness and willingness to discuss sexual and reproductive health issues must be at the forefront of any vision or program. Only a well thought out strategy can allow the creation of such public and private spaces, both at home and outside, where there is no shame in discussing private and sensitive subjects.

Instead of push factors, pull factors that push behavior in the right direction are important. Therefore, it is important to take an empowering approach not only for adolescents and young adults, but also for teachers, caregivers, health workers and, most importantly, key populations. There is also a large population that is infected with HIV / AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). Some of the key populations constitute communities engaged in sex work that are highly prone to HIV / AIDS and other STDs. Segments such as migrants and truckers are at enormous risk.

We believe in advocating for a more participatory approach, where information and education can lead to positive change and build inclusive, healthier and safer societies. Not just in terms of social and economic equality, but instead of multiple gender sexual empowerment. Women, men and binaries must be able to express their wants and needs. No one should be forced to participate in sexual activity without their consent. Society must accept and embrace other genders with different and multiple sexual identities and preferences.

Reckitt, as a founding member of the Condom Alliance, launched India’s first condomology report in 2021. This report is a way to help make India a sexually healthy and progressive nation. In 2021, Reckitt stepped up awareness raising activities on adolescent sexual and reproductive health through the Durex Birds and Bees Talk campaign in northeast India to reach over 4 million schoolchildren and young people. . The program is a one-of-a-kind initiative where the model was developed with parents before approaching children based on a culturally appropriate behavior change model and information on topics such as inclusion, awareness, consent, protection and equity.

The challenge now is to ensure that these messages reach the hundreds of millions of young people in urban and rural areas. It is both an opportunity and a challenge. Several stakeholders, including industry, must be involved in the process. But the program allows key sections, like teachers, parents and school administrations, to take the necessary action. It is very encouraging to see a deeper engagement from the respective state governments and cultural groups in North East India.

Think tanks and media like Network18, NDTV, Outlook India, India TV and many others can play a catalytic role in helping millions of young people take the right action. OTT platforms such as Hotstar, Amazon Prime, Netflix, etc. can play a central role in ensuring that messages reach the right audience.

There is a huge role that needs to be played by youth in India, this includes young influencers and youth organizations to create much needed impact. As they say, with great power comes great responsibility. This is true not only for Spiderman, but for every youngster, who has the ability to encourage others to change their sexual practices. The condom can easily be stacked together as a smart and cool choice. As you walk out with your car key and wallet, you cannot leave your house without the condoms.

With a focus on the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development of “Leaving No One Behind”, this year’s World AIDS Day theme is “Ending the HIV Epidemic: equitable access, everyone’s voice ”is essential to ensure that we reach the people who have been left behind. Ensuring that there is no disparity and contempt for people who already have HIV is something we need to be aware of. At Reckitt India, we are committed to tackling inequalities and ensuring access to the products and services needed to fight HIV / AIDS.

About the Author: Ravi Bhatnagar is the Director of External Affairs and SOA Partnerships, Reckitt

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this article are the personal opinions of the author. The facts and opinions appearing in the article do not reflect the views of NDTV and NDTV assumes no responsibility in this regard.

10 interesting blogs for seniors to feed their inner reader Mon, 22 Nov 2021 22:30:00 +0000

Reading is one of the best pastimes a senior can have. Reading positive things can keep your mind fresh, which is vital for your well-being.

To this end, people have created many blogs specifically for the senior community. These blogs deal with various aspects of life from an older person’s perspective, which makes the content relevant.

Here we are going to take a look at ten interesting blogs for seniors to keep you up to date and entertained. - Home page

Senior Planet aims to make your old age more meaningful by offering new skills, routines and classes. It will help you learn new things so that you can better navigate the digital age.

Senior Planet’s Technology Services for Seniors offers technology courses, some of which are free. These courses improve your computer skills and teach you how to use the Internet to your advantage.

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The site also hosts conferences and workshops to further assist you in your learning about technology. Technical guides take part in these activities and share their knowledge with you.


This website also helps you become more physically active by introducing exercises and routines. People aged 60 or over can join this online community and enjoy all the benefits including health insurance etc. - Home page

This blog aims to change the way people talk about age. This allows you to spend your retirement years however you want without fear of being judged. It provides a lot of content on different topics for the elderly.

The AARP strives to guide you about your finances, health, employment, senior care and more. It also contains content on movies, music, and celebrities. You can also access the members-only section with a subscription. - Home page

Suddenly Senior has tons of informative and fun articles. It has many categories including health, humor, lifestyle, nostalgia, retirement, romance, tech, travel, romance and many more.

The website publishes a lot of articles to help you with your travel, health, fitness, etc. Reading this content can help you manage your old age better.

This blog is the best if you want to learn new things and stay active and productive. It also has lists of several other useful websites that you can check out. - Home page

The purpose of this blog is to transform the lives of women 60 and over. If you are interested in beauty and lifestyle, you will definitely like Sixty and Me.

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The blog also helps you find profitable work to live independently, with articles on small businesses, part-time jobs, and retirement management. It also focuses on creating a positive mindset and reducing stress.

You will also find articles on the well-being of older women. It contains numerous articles and content related to health and diet on beauty, dating, travel, state of mind and aging. - Home page

LoveToKnow provides quality information on family and relationship management, nursing home operations, retirement, senior services and assistance programs.

The blog contains articles in over 100 categories. You can find content related to pets, entertainment, gardening, beauty and style, travel, health, recreation and more on this website.

With so much content on so many topics, you are sure to find something that interests you. LoveToKnow is updated regularly, so you’ll find new things to read often. - Home Page

This is a website created by women and ideal for women who are just entering the new phase of their aging life. Elder Chicks is a growing network of older women at different stages of adulthood.

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You can connect with and support other women through this blog by sharing your life and story, writing, and discussion forums. You can learn new skills from other women and make your life more productive.

On Elder Chicks, women share their life experiences of pain, joy, triumph, and adversity. It helps you make vital and correct decisions in life by being inspired by strong women. - Home page

Gray Fox is all about men’s and men’s fashion. Older men should also have the chance to dress according to the latest trends. This blog has been specially created for this purpose.

The main target of the blog is men aged 40 or over. The articles are geared towards men’s clothing, cars, travel and the arts made in Britain.

Gray Fox is very popular with older men, and those who follow him have plenty of fashion ideas. You can improve your fashion game by reading articles on this blog. - Home page

This blog is dedicated to women in their fifties. It meets all the needs of older women, whether it’s making money, helping women with makeup, or dealing with stress and anxiety.

You will find many guides on this blog that help women in various stages of life. Feisty Side of 50 will greatly increase your knowledge and help you make better life choices.

Many women have joined this community and they love to be part of the Feisty family. He encourages women to be proud of the accomplishments they have made in life.

Feisty Side of 50 focuses on the general well-being of women. Blogging can help women solve family and financial issues, fitness, motivation, and health issues. - Home page

Lifestyle Fifty is intended for women 50 years of age or older. On this blog you will find different topics related to food, travel, looks, beauty and wellness. It also provides a new mindset, allowing you to see the fifties as the new thirties.

There you will find exciting polls and inspiring articles. The blog also helps you plan your vacation. It aims to regulate all aspects of your life as an elderly woman. - Home page

Plus 50 Lifestyles aims to review aging in a new way. He tries to present aging as a lifestyle change and an opportunity to do new things, rather than age as a problem.

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As the name suggests, the blog is dedicated to people over 50. The content on the site tries to help the older community adjust better in relationships, health, finances, travel and appearance.

Articles on Over 50 Lifestyles are about health, travel, finance and real estate. You will find a lot of useful information related to all these categories.

Make the most of your old age by following these blogs

All of these sites aim to make your senior life in one way or another. The older community can connect to these blogs and make their retirement life more fun.

These sites are specialized in different fields. You can choose the one that interests you the most. Seniors created most of these blogs. So, we think you will find them very relevant.

7 assistive technology devices for seniors living at home

These smart home devices can help seniors live safely at home and perform tasks they may have difficulty with.

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About the Author

Have you realized how much Black Friday has evolved over the years? Mon, 22 Nov 2021 15:39:29 +0000

There are people who are so eager to start the holiday season that they take matters into their own hands and set up their Christmas lights as soon as Halloween is over. The same can be said of shoppers lining up in the days leading up to Black Friday looking to land a good deal.

At least it was like that before.

It was a time when things were easier. The only ongoing pandemic was the line of tents outside Best Buy. Department stores across the country were bracing for chaos. Black Friday was … kind of a public holiday – a dangerous day, if it is. Even the TV series South Park laughed at the crazy vacation in 2013.

For starters, no online ads were posted a month in advance to preview Black Friday deals. Kohls, Walmart, Best Buy, etc. all sent out print ads just weeks before Black Friday. This meant that as long as you didn’t throw out the ads, everyone had a good idea of ​​what to expect the day after Thanksgiving. In fact, Black Friday is so special to so many people that there is a dedicated Black Friday advertising website that dates back to 2006.

A d

The good old days of crazy Black Friday lines at your local Walmart.

I remember as a teenager the excitement I felt after my Thanksgiving feast was over. I was so dizzy, knowing that I could go out to Twelve Oaks Mall after midnight. The anticipation that the mother of my friends would pick me up to go out and browse the offerings was the icing on the cake.

I was a night owl when it came to Black Friday shopping. I was out of the question for me to wake up at six in the morning. What held me back was that I wasn’t even old enough to drive, so I had to rely on my parents or my friends’ parents to get me where I needed to go.

Now, I’ve never been crazy enough to grab a tent and make Best Buy’s sidewalks my home for a few days. Most people were waiting for the highly anticipated gaming systems, which coincidently would still be released during the holiday season. The Xbox 360, Wii, and PlayStation 3 were all released in November 2005 and 2006.

The emergence of social media has been a game-changer when it comes to the craziness that has arisen from Black Friday. Buyers across the country were sharing videos of people fighting in front of TVs, screaming and swearing at each other and, worse yet, people trampled by the overwhelming influx of crowds.

A d

Suddenly, Black Friday has become dangerous. Between 2006 and 2018, according to The Hustle, 44 different Black Friday incidents left 11 dead and 109 injured. The sad part is that it didn’t stop anyone from getting a good deal. In fact, Black Friday spending levels increased year over year between 2017 and 2020 (Source: Adobe Analytics).

Fortunately, I have never had any of these nightmarish experiences. Last year, COVID gave these spooky statistics a break in action, as everyone shopped for the holiday season online, which brings me to:

COVID has turned Cyber ​​Monday into something darn close to the past, letting everyone do their Black Friday shopping online. When you combine that, with the global supply chain shortage, what Black Friday might look like this year is a conundrum.

A d

All of the department stores have had their Black Friday bestsellers in the past three weeks, completely eliminating the need to wait until the day after Thanksgiving. While Black Friday shopping has always been a competition for some, many of the top retailers have given shoppers the edge, but at a cost. The Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X have been in stock and out of stock for over a year, and Walmart, Amazon, and Best Buy have held restocking events for the systems.

The catch is, you can only access these replenishment events if you are a paid member of their subscription services. So if you don’t have Amazon Prime, Walmart Plus, or Best Buy’s “totaltech”, you won’t be able to try and get your hands on those systems. Walmart took it a step further by allowing its Plus members to access their Black Friday sales four hours before the general public. Grinch move, if you want my opinion.

A d

This year, most retail stores will be closed on Thanksgiving Day, but will be back up and running at various times on Black Friday. More stores will open around 5 a.m., so you’ll have to worry about getting up early instead of staying up late to do your Black Friday shopping.

I would do anything to drive around town to witness the Black Friday madness again, but something tells me it might never look like it used to be.

It’s hard to stay socially distanced when you’re fighting someone over an air fryer.

Copyright 2021 by WDIV ClickOnDetroit – All rights reserved.

Newshub Survey – Winners and Losers Mon, 22 Nov 2021 05:05:12 +0000

As the country swings between home hairstyle depression and incandescent murderous rage against mask-wearing, Newshub’s latest poll seals the fate of the narratives as we end 2021 more polarized than since the Springbok tour.

People trust Labor and are scared of Judith while being hit by David Seymour. At any other time this level of Skitzerphrenic political confusion would be enough for the doctor to check your meds, in New Zealand this is how MMP manifests itself.

There are of course winners and losers.


Jacinda + Labor – They saved New Zealand from massive hospitalizations and deaths, so what do they get for their tireless performance from Covid? An endless festival of hate of toxic bile has been vomited at them by Maori & Woke, claiming their response is racist genocide to Death Cult Capitalists shouting that Jacinda is a coward for not killing her citizens for the economy.

On top of that, there are religious lunatics who think Jacinda is the Antichrist, Qanon lunatics who think she is Nazi Germany, and Crystal Karen who thinks she is raping Gaia.

Yet, DESPITE all of this, the job is STILL at 42.7%. This tells us that despite all the rales and complaints, the community stands for work. Voters have decided that Labor’s flaws are still far better than National or ACT promises.

David Seymour & ACT – They are seen as the right-wing values ​​party and Seymour’s continued performance is dazzling in Judith’s attempt to take reactionary votes away from him. Their increase to 16% masks a radical right-wing political polarization never seen before in New Zealand politics.

Remember the crazier ACTs …

TDB recommends
  • Cut and freeze the minimum wage
  • Interest reimbursed on all student loans
  • No Kiwsaver subsidy
  • Cancel payment for winter energy
  • Empty all legislation on the climate crisis
  • more best start payments for families with newborns
  • reduce social benefits
  • no tax credit for research and development
  • reduction of work for families
  • Reduction of $ 7 billion per year in public services
  • Abolish Maori sieges
  • Abolish the Commission on Human Rights

… IT’S 16%!

Sweet Zombie Jesus.

The stratospheric rise in ACTs in the polls began – AS FUCK I FUCKED TO WARNING – when identity politics activists woke up in blood and engaged in their platform rampage and attempted to strangle freedom of expression.

Well done wokies, you gave him the ammo he uses against us.

Judith Collins – Now you could argue that Judith is a loser in these results, but she is not! Judith cemented the loyalty of her caucus by promoting the most incompetent clowns who know they would never occupy that rank under another leadership ticket and it is this Machiavellian positioning that has kept Judith as a leader. She urged Nick Smith to resign so that his exit would benefit him by bringing in Harete Hipango, a madman. Judith loves power more than a great white shark loves blood. Any hope that she will voluntarily leave is as misplaced as believing that Trump will represent Democrats in 2024.

Maori feast – Calling the vaccine deployment a “modern genocide” and comparing it to the Squid Games would be punished if it were another party, surprisingly, it was rewarded in this poll because radicalizing the AntiVaxxers with such emotionally manipulative language is acceptable when it fights the heteronormative cis male colonizer patriarchy etc etc etc.


National – At this point, National couldn’t get laid while wearing a banana costume in a monkey brothel. Replacing the leader is not a sufficient solution.

Greens – They lost their third largest political party to ACT, which is now double their size. How can the Greens be so desperate and alienating with their middle class identity politics? Will there be white men voting for them who are not neutered and who do not come out to Wellington? Chloe as a leader is their only hope for political relevance. Greens is that vegan app you downloaded in 2016 and never used.

Beneficiaries and poor – Workers could inject tens of billions into the speculative real estate market that has driven home prices up, but they can do shit for the poorest of us! A $ 5 per week increase in certain perks NEXT YEAR is a bitter slap in the face from a political party that sells its compassion as cheap as a drug addict in debt.


As the TDB has pointed out since the 2020 elections, the extraordinary rise in ACT is no accident, it is a break to the right and represents a chasm of difference between ACT and Labor / Green.

National is in a death spiral brought on by the demographics of age and a rural / urban divide that brutally amputates National of anyone on the right under the age of 60.

This gives ACT the undisputed support of voters who have little idea how extreme the politics of the ACT party really are.

National must win the center because it cannot continue to fight ACT for the reactive right while trying to win these voters in the center.

Unfortunately, in a Delta environment torn by hate that divides, there are no longer any adults in the room to call on.

Labor + Green will win 2023, but with ACT likely to eclipse National in 2022 amid the looming free speech fiasco, the battleground for 2026 will become the most ideological since Rodger Douglas and the fourth Labor government.

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Savage Love: gay ghosts and crushes Wed, 17 Nov 2021 14:02:00 +0000
  • Joe newton
  • Cancel culture

I have a funny little question on labeling. I am a non-binary person who has been assigned male at birth (AMAB). I gravitate towards femininity in life and in love. My question concerns the inclusiveness of the “lesbian” label. Is it a label reserved for women? Or is it inclusive of all women who are drawn to femininity? My goal is to label myself appropriately without infringing on others.

-All loves labeled inclusive

As the labels go on, ALLI, “lesbian” seems damn binary to me. Now the meaning of a given word evolves and changes over time, of course, and the meaning follows use. But lesbian currently means – and is currently used to mean and most likely will continue to mean – a woman who is exclusively attracted to other women romantically and sexually *. So frankly ALLI, I don’t understand why someone who is your non-binary type (AMAB, female and female lover) would even want to identify as a lesbian. Since you are neither female nor male, ALLI, why would you want to use such a gendered label? (Why you might feel allowed to use it is another topic, one that I’ll leave for commentators to discuss.)

Having said that, no one can stop you from using the term lesbian to describe yourself. You know how they say in the anti-anti-cancellation-culture discourse that there is no such thing as cancellation of culture, only accountability? Well, ALLI, there is no keeper or keeper; there are no identity cops with the power to make arrests or impose fines. There are only people who might find your shit annoying. In the case of your specific shit, ALLI, some lesbians are going to find this boring – extremely boring – but annoyed lesbians can’t help but identify yourself as a lesbian, any more than the annoyed writers at Slate can stop Louis CK from selling stuff. stages. No one can undo it, no one can keep you.

I flirted with this guy in my class. He’s four years older and seems very attached to drugs and certain subcultures, but he also maintains an active personality on social media. We’re planning on going out, but I already know he would fit into one of my unhealthy patterns: guys who aren’t quite sure what they want and are reluctant to make commitments. Am I just enjoying the sex that might be happening? Or should I stay away to protect myself?

– Should I fuck this scheming new guy?

Depends. After identifying this unhealthy pattern – your propensity to attach yourself to men who don’t know what they want and / or can’t commit – have you been able to enjoy sex without allowing yourself to attach to men? having engagement issues? If the answer is yes, SIFTING, if you can trust yourself not to have feelings for someone then go ahead and fuck this guy. But if the answer is no – if you can’t fuck a guy without feeling feelings – then don’t fuck that guy.

Zoom out – and this is not a comment about your situation, SIFTING or your dating history – but sometimes we tell ourselves that a man has “engagement issues” when he just doesn’t want to engage with us. And sometimes we tell ourselves to a woman “doesn’t know what she wants” when she just doesn’t want us. And it’s good. We are just protecting our own ego. But if we believe this shit wholeheartedly – if we buy our own hype – we’ll be devastated when the ex who couldn’t engage with us because “he doesn’t know what he wants” will suddenly know What he wants. And it’s someone else.

I am a 31 year old cis woman living in the South. Meeting here is a nightmare. I feel like everyone got married at 22 and really loves Jesus. I just broke up with someone and got back to apps, and the first date I was on was amazing. Really cool, age-appropriate liberal dude with a similar sense of humor. I had so much fun and we traded our numbers. And then … nothing. I bit the bullet and followed and still heard nothing. When should I think of this guy as a ghost? And how do I deal with the utter disappointment of being a ghost of a guy I’ve really been connected with?

—Ghosts are horrible

I took a call on the Savage Lovecast last week from a woman who was angry at being a ghost of a man – a neighbor whose front door she had to walk through every day – and then she saw the coroner getting the guy’s corpse out of his apartment on a stretcher. As the meme says, “Everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about.” As for your fight, GAH, look on the bright side. The first meeting you went to after returning to the apps went pretty well! There hasn’t been a second date, and that’s a shame, and assuming he’s not dead, it was rude of him to ghost you like that. But if there was a guy in your area who you could have an amazing first date with (even if it wasn’t going anywhere), GAH, it’s not unreasonable to assume that there is. other guys in your area who you might have equally amazing first dates (dates that can go somewhere).




I dated someone recently for a few weeks and had sex, it was unprotected, and I found out immediately afterwards that he had herpes. I was annoyed because I had condoms next to the bed. But I also felt partly responsible since we had not had a discussion beforehand. He ended up having a breakout a few days later. We continued to date and use condoms after that until one night I was addicted to edibles, and he didn’t use a condom. This was after he asked me earlier if I felt comfortable without condoms again and I explicitly asked for condoms. We’re not together now, but it’s really fucked up. He seemed to be the nicest person.

-What was that

What it was, WTFWT, was screwed up. And this guy was not nice. There isn’t much you can do about it now, other than learn from the experience. First of all, don’t drop the clues. Don’t put condoms on the bedside table and hope the other person will understand and use a condom. Tell the other person that the condoms are there to be used and that if there is none on his cock, his cock is not coming near your hole (s) – and if his cock is approach your hole without a condom on it, or if the condom should magically disappear after his cock is in your hole, you will file a police report. And second, don’t make requests, explicit or otherwise. From now on, WTFWT, make requests. Unambiguous and unequivocal requirements. And go get tested.

Cis, married, straight here. You are my gay crush. If I had the chance, how would you seduce me? I’ve never had a male before, because I really love pussy and how women feel, but I think I could do it for you. You’ve always been my “man-pass” celebrity. How do we get started? I’m just a straight guy writing to a gay asking him to fuck him.

-Consult Dan

Straight guys who make advances on gays assume we’re all going to think, “OMG, this is my only chance to have sex with a real man!” Actually, LAD, what most gay men think when a straight guy hits on us is, “Jesus Christ, this guy is going to piss me off all over my dick.” Now, that thought does not prevent some gay men from sleeping with straight men who are bi or gay and locked up, LAD, nor does it prevent some gay men from sleeping with the rare straight but situationally heteroflexible man with a very special crush for one of us. But it’s always annoying when a straight man assumes his righteousness is an aphrodisiac that drives gay men crazy and asks questions like, “If the opportunity presented itself, how would you seduce me?” This framing assumes that I would try, or that I would try, if I had the chance.

So you could say, I’m just a gay guy responding to a straight guy, asking him to get over himself.

* A cry to all asexual lesbians, who are attracted to other women romantically but not sexually, and to all aromatic lesbians, who are attracted to other women sexually but not romantically. I see you and your pride flags, I know your anime avatars and I affirm the validity of your lesbianism.

Questions? Follow Dan on Twitter @FakeDanSavage or

GAME DAY BLOG: Hawaii suffers heavy loss to UNLV on the road Sat, 13 Nov 2021 08:00:00 +0000

    Hawaii wide receiver Nick Mardner celebrates after scoring a touchdown against UNLV in the first half of an NCAA college football game on Saturday in Las Vegas.

  • ASSOCIATED PRESS Hawaii wide receiver Nick Mardner breaks a tackle attempt by UNLV defensive back Aaron Lewis during the first half of an NCAA college football game on Saturday in Las Vegas.


    Hawaiian wide receiver Nick Mardner breaks a tackle attempt by UNLV defensive back Aaron Lewis during the first half of an NCAA college football game on Saturday in Las Vegas.

  • ASSOCIATED PRESS UNLV quarterback Cameron Friel, a Kailua High alumnus, looks to pass Hawaii in the first half of an NCAA college football game on Saturday in Las Vegas.


    UNLV quarterback Cameron Friel, a Kailua High alum, looks to pass Hawaii in the first half of an NCAA college football game on Saturday in Las Vegas.


Editor’s Note: Read live tweets from the game below and click here for the game recap.


FINAL SCORE: UNLV 27, Hawaii 13



LAS VEGAS >> This is a self-proclaimed “up for grabs” game for Hawaii when they face UNLV at Allegiant Stadium today.

The Warriors, 4-6 overall and 1-4 in Mountain West, must win their last three regular season games to secure bowl eligibility.

The Warriors will get a boost with the return of rusher frontman Dae Dae Hunter, who missed three games with a shoulder injury, and cornerback Cameron Lockridge, who was out for four games.

The Rebels had lost 14 in a row, dating back to 2019, before defeating New Mexico a week ago. Quarterback Cameron Friel, a freshman and Kailua High graduate, will make his seventh start for UNLV. The Rebels have used four quarterbacks this season. Last week, Charles Williams became the UNLV’s career running leader.

Several thousand UH fans attend the game. UH also brought 40 members of its group.

>> RELATED STORY: UNLV Uses Powerful Racing Game To Defeat Hawaii

Editor’s Note: Bookmark this page and refresh for live game updates.

Playwright Tom Wright on a VERY SPECIAL GUEST STAR Wed, 10 Nov 2021 08:00:00 +0000

Open Relationships have provided excellent material for a growing number of LGBTQ + writers in recent years. With recent polls showing that around a third of gay men are in ethical non-monogamous relationships – and with gay Londoners showing seemingly higher tendencies – it’s really no surprise to me and my friends.

One of my recent favorites of this genre is four play by Jake Brunger: A detailed and nuanced portrayal of four very different gay men and their complicated attempts at non-monogamy, which effortlessly resonated with a sold-out audience at the Theater503. The play is now regularly licensed and performed across the UK.

Excellent theater is based on drama. So, naturally, the conflict in many of these plays stems from the protagonists’ decision to open up, leading to the “inevitable” messy fallout. But always focusing on the negative aspects of an open relationship perpetuates an inaccurate myth. In fact, many decisions to consensually explore new relationship dynamics arose out of an honest and healthy desire for abundance. This is the perspective that I want to explore in my own pieces.

So if the drama doesn’t come from the open relationship itself, then where will it come from? Answering this question liberated and galvanized me to use the recognized “threesome” paradigm as a theatrical tool to explore something else entirely. But what?

My work so far has lovingly challenged and developed a wide range of aspects of the contemporary experience of gay men – from navigating not-so-nuclear families while twisting ourselves into knots to avoid stereotypes in My father’s sabbatical, to a partner living and thriving with HIV, while negotiating intimacy with a lover who rides a swing of complex addiction and mental health issues in Undetectable.

While it is important to describe and explore these challenges, it is also important to remember that it is a privilege to have such problems when our LGBTQ + brothers and sisters beyond face much more serious consequences for us. to have dared to love or even to exist.

Incorporating this uncomfortable truth with the threesome paradigm inspired the character of Quasim: a young LGBTQ + refugee, struggling to make his own way and become his own man. An impressive and complex person that the central couple (and, hopefully, the audience) instantly fall in love with. Once Quasim came to life, so did my new room, Very special guest star, a socially conscious sex thriller that challenged and even scared me to write.

Representing the experience of migrants was important, but also required me to grapple with critical questions. Who am I so that Quasim’s story becomes part of mine? What do we have in common? What can I learn from this character’s story? What are my intentions and what will be the result? How can I honestly explore these themes while avoiding the damage caused by misrepresentation for gay people of color like Quasim?

I reached out to talented director and longtime collaborator Rikki Beadle-Blair, and together we dramatically questioned these questions as the relationship dynamics in the play became a metaphor for these writer’s concerns.

How much does the couple really want to help Quasim, or is their goodwill fueled by their desire to have sex with him? How do these intentions develop when their own desires fade away or die out altogether? Why didn’t they help sooner? What is really holding them back and why? Is there a completely selfless act?

In the play, these questions take a dramatic turn with the arrival of a bold, satisfying, yet disturbing twist. As the characters discover Quasim’s true identity, the audience is immersed in truly original terrain. Nervously watching an interracial gay couple come to terms with their middle class and / or white privilege by meeting and negotiating sex with this queer person of color, from their past, feeling both included and challenged by this painfully honest , gloriously comical and precise cringe-worthy central premise.

The result is a whirlwind, loving but critical examination of British gay privilege. It’s also a study of same-sex families, intergenerational dating, sexual role-playing, father-related issues and, of course, open relationships.

While there is so much more to tap into in all of these rich areas – and endless inspiration amid the larger LGBTQ + experience, both contemporary and historic – we are excited to see and hear how this story resonates with audiences now. We need to discuss both what the audience likes and what they think is missing from the growing but still too narrow portrayal of our experiences on stage.

This is our mission: to investigate the extent of our queer culture (s) and together find the courage to watch – and sometimes even laugh – who are. To explore bravely, before heading home and presenting deeper truths about our beautiful, gnarled, messy, and deeply human queer lives. Represent.

Very Special Guest Star is at the Omnibus Theater from November 23 to December 12. Book your tickets here