Dating apps – Rencontre Latina Tue, 21 Jun 2022 12:35:04 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Dating apps – Rencontre Latina 32 32 Before making a financial decision, ask yourself these questions Tue, 21 Jun 2022 11:08:58 +0000 It isn’t easy to know where to begin regarding personal economic decisions in life. It’s critical to ask oneself a few basic questions before making any decision. You may make the greatest decision for your situation by thoroughly analyzing your options. 

The value of a payday loan

Payday loans are an excellent option when you have an emergency need. They are quick to obtain and simple to accept, as most lenders guarantee cash flow within 24 hours. Payday loans have a higher interest rate than many other types of borrowing. They make up for it, though, with their prompt availability and the convenience they provide.

Most individuals are afraid of being rejected when applying for a loan, but you just need to provide basic personal and financial information to get approved with payday loans. Even a bad credit score may not prevent you from qualifying for a loan, and it is often agreed that when you repay the loan with interest, it will simply be deducted from your next paycheck.

What Does a Financial Decision Entail?

A financial decision is one that involves the use of money and involves two or more options. 

Choosing whether to: 

  • Invest money or not 
  • Borrow money or not 
  • Save or spend money

This post will examine some of the questions you should ask yourself before making financial decisions like taking out a payday loan.

Am I Trying to Impress Someone?

If your motivation for making a financial decision is to make someone else happy, you’re likely to overspend. When it comes to money, it’s crucial to be selfish and only make decisions that will benefit you in the long run.

How long did it take you to complete the transaction?

It’s critical to consider opportunity cost. For example, if you earn $20 per hour and consider a $200 purchase, you will have worked ten hours to earn money. Is it time well spent? Could you put your ten hours to greater use? Naturally, certain purchases are more valuable than the number of hours you put in. However, before making any purchase, consider the opportunity cost of your time and money.

What would I do with the money if I didn’t buy this?

Always ask yourself this question if you have options for spending your money. It can assist you in determining whether you’re buying for the right reasons. You’re thinking about getting a payday loan to buy a new television. Before you decide, consider what you would have done with the money if you hadn’t bought the TV.

If you answered “I would save it” or “I would use it to pay off debt,” you already know that taking out the loan is not the best option. If your response is something like “I’d use it to purchase food,” you might want to think twice.

Only you and your money can decide what is best for you. However, by asking yourself this question, you may ensure that you’re making the best option possible for the best reasons.

Can I Wait Until The Next Day?

You should know whether you can wait for anything or if you require it immediately. You might be able to get a better offer if you are willing to wait. A good payday loan lender will assist you in obtaining the funds you require immediately.

Why Do I Need The Loan?

Understand why you’re making the financial choices to decide if it’s the proper choice. For example, do you want to consolidate debt with a payday loan? Will you be able to cover an unexpected expense?

Please write down any reason you have and keep yourself accountable for it. If you find yourself second-guessing your decision, it can be a hint that you shouldn’t go ahead with it.

Am I Aware Of What I Am Signing Up To?

Before making any personal finance decision, you should understand what you agree to. When it comes to taking out payday loans, this is very crucial. Before signing anything, understand the loan’s terms and conditions. When taking out loans and when buying stocks, purchasing insurance, etc.

Tired of dating apps? Try this if you want to meet the love of your life Sat, 18 Jun 2022 11:56:50 +0000

I was sprawled out on my couch at 10 p.m. — after another disappointing date with Hinge — when I sent my best friend a wine-fueled WhatsApp voice note stating that I was going to set up Bored of Dating Apps .

Like any self-respecting millennial, I’ve been on and off dating apps for a while. Some experiences are good, others not so good. But one thing was clear to me: I was suffering from severe dating app fatigue.

Since my last relationship ended 10 months ago, I had been on dates with all the usual suspicious apps, finding her emotionally draining and draining. Most of the time you build some level of investment before you meet the person, only to find there isn’t necessarily anything there when you meet.

That shiny new world of swiping that we welcomed with great intrigue 10 years ago has turned into that piece of stale bread that we reluctantly toast when we have nothing else to eat at home. It’s the dark part of modern dating culture that apps have contributed to over time, giving the subtle message that no date is particularly sacred and that people are somewhat disposable because there’s always someone there. another lined up.

It has also – unwittingly or not – eroded the normalcy and beauty of spontaneously meeting strangers and striking up a romance in a public place. Dating apps have proven that anyone can get a date, but establishing a connection is a much more difficult feat.

By hosting offline dating events, I was able to understand why I’m not the only one who feels finished with dating apps. Many attendees said that the nervousness they felt attending our solo events was outweighed by their mental health. When it comes to dating habits, people date more daringly because the stakes are higher – it goes beyond romance and dating; it’s about our well-being.

During the shutdowns, singles were restricted to dating apps and many experienced loneliness. At the best of times, human beings crave connection and intimacy, and that feeling has only become more tangible during the pandemic. Many people are now itching to get away from the experience of sliding solo on their couch.

Dating can be hard on the head and on the heart, so whether we’re single, casually dating, or on the cusp of “official chat,” take care of our sanity throughout our relationship. is always a good idea, and this is the peace that offline dating offers us.

We’ve come to a weird place where we’ve normalized things like “ghosts”, “breadcrumbs”, “zombies” and God knows what other weird dating trends – which, let’s be honest, are just shitty behaviors that we hit a cute, lighthearted name on to apologize.

The message I keep hearing from our attendees is that people want to get back to a more mindful dating climate, when it was a lot more fun, healthier, and kinder.

The participants explained that they wanted a romance that seemed simpler. One participant said: “Whether I meet someone romantically or not, I always come out of social media with a hope of dating. When it comes to communication, there are no games or catfishing. It’s amazing to have a room full of other singles who are sick of the crap we see on dating apps. It’s like everyone in the room is breathing a sigh of relief that we’re going back to things the old way.

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Another reason why people are driven to find love in other ways is the nostalgic return to pre-online activities. Not just pre-pandemic activities, but as far back as the pre-MSN days – in that sense. There’s a fundamental reason why we’re fixated on the 90s right now. It’s more than love for her fashion and her music; it’s a longing for what was in many ways a simple time, including meeting people on matters of the heart.

The hunger we see for offline dating is part of a larger mood shift. The spontaneity, the carefree nature of strangers talking to each other, the awkwardness and awkwardness that comes with this courageous act, which seems almost redundant these days in the world of Instagram’s painfully aware calculated perfection we are bombarded with today .

We are only seeing the tip of the iceberg with the new offline dating movement. It’s a new chapter in modern dating, but it’s also really a return to a simpler, unassuming type of dating, and people are finding freedom in it.

With Bored of Dating Apps, we’ve organized singles hikes, hot yoga, rotating parties, cafes, supper clubs, socials, and trips to meet everyone’s desired Hollywood dating moment.

Swipe for Love: “I’m an introvert and online dating apps have opened up a whole new world to me” Wed, 15 Jun 2022 12:30:00 +0000 After matching on an online dating app, Sruti and Sunny continued to text and call each other before meeting after a year. And guess what? It was love at first sight! In an exclusive chat with ETimes Lifestyle, Sruti and Sunny discuss how online dating helped them find true love.

Have you ever thought that you will find love online?

Sruti: Well, yes! I have always been shy and introverted. I never had many friends. Physically interacting with people in college (the hub of finding love) wasn’t my game. So when Tinder and its ilk popped up, it opened up a whole new world for me. And honestly, chatting online was a lot easier for me than interacting in person.

Sunny: I wasn’t too sure. It was all about fate. I was open to all kinds of opportunities, that’s why I found Sruti. You can find love anywhere, in any corner!

What is the difference between online dating and finding love around you?

Sruti: I’m a born procrastinator! And with my demanding professional life in an advertising agency, it sometimes becomes impossible to spend time with myself! So I never had time to meet friends and network with people. But with the online dating scene, you can access a pool of data at your fingertips. You don’t need to travel or set a certain time for this. Although I always wanted to experience something like “Before sunrise” Alas!

Sunny: You have a broader horizon if you are looking for love on an online platform rather than finding someone in person. It is becoming easier to interact with people, especially in the modern age.

What are some of the things you don’t like about dating online?

Sruti: In rare cases, you come across unscrupulous people or fake profiles. Sometimes verifying a person online becomes difficult. But we can rely on their instincts to help them identify what is right.

Sunny: I met a lot of fake profiles and scammers. I think this is a serious problem with online dating. This puts off a lot of people who are eager to find love on a dating app.

Were you showing your perfect side by dating online or texting? Or were you your true self?

Sruti: Well, it’s a mixture! Who doesn’t want to impress their date? Everybody. But I’ve always been closest to myself, the crazy me! I always wanted my dates to like me for who I am rather than a projected person.

Sunny: In person, I can’t maintain a split personality. I am always myself with everyone, and it is necessary when looking for a person to find love with.

Can you tell us what your dating bio was about?

Sruti: My bios always depended on my mood! The last biography included me saying that I had a dog and that I am a plant parent.

Sunny: My biography was very simple and it spoke about me in a few words and the city in which I resided. I am a very simple person unlike Sruti!

Is hooking up through online dating apps as exciting as meeting someone in a physical space?

Sruti: Of course yes! You are not limited to texting and instant messaging, but you meet physically. And I think both have the same weight and both give you butterflies in your stomach!

Sunny: Yeah, I also think both are equally exciting and don’t have much difference. It’s just the platform that differs. Like I said before, you can find love anywhere.

What attracted you to your partner online?

Sruti: Its simplicity and innocence. I am always in awe of how childish and young at heart a person can be! Sometimes it absolutely feels like a dream.

Sunny: His expressive eyes! I got stuck in her eyes the first time I saw her! That’s what drew me to her.

Have you come across fake profiles or fake identities online? Any tips for knowing if a person is real or fake?

Sruti: Yes, I have come across some fake profiles. In such situations, you just have to follow your instincts, nothing else, because that is what you should trust.

Sunny: Yes, there are a lot of fake profiles on dating apps. I think doing a background check by looking up the person on Facebook, Instagram, etc. can be a good way to check if the person is real or not. I also believe that a genuine person would definitely be on social media. Only creeps would avoid showing up on social media!

Was it love at first sight when you two met or did you take your time getting to know your partner?

Sruti: I’m very pragmatic and a bit skeptical too. For me it was more love at second or third sight. But I was floored by his kindness as soon as I met him!

Sunny: Yes it was love at first sight for me! I knew it was her! It didn’t take us long at all to get to know each other because we were deeply in love.

Do you think taking risks or a “leap of faith” is very important to get to where you are now?

Sruti: Yes absolutely. I took this leap of faith and guess what I landed in my dream world? Sunny, it makes me so happy and loved. Only when you take risks can you get anywhere.

Sunny: Life is about taking risks and
shaadi is like Dilli ka laddoo! Khaoge toh pachtaoge, nahi khaoge toh tabbhi pachtaoge! (Marriage is like Delhi’s Ladoo! If you eat, you’ll regret, but if you don’t eat, you’ll still regret!)

If you have such a story, send it to us at:

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Apple App Store fixes dating app issues, says Dutch regulator Mon, 13 Jun 2022 17:33:01 +0000

The Dutch consumer protection regulator says Apple “changed its unfair terms”, ending a dispute after it slapped the tech company with 50 million euros ($53 million) in weekly fines.

Cagan Koc and April Roach for Bloomberg News:

“With this concession, Apple will meet the requirements that the Dutch Authority for Consumers and Markets has set under European and Dutch competition rules,” the ACM said in a statement on Saturday.

In response to a request for comment from Bloomberg News, Apple said it doesn’t believe some of the changes are in the privacy or data security interests of its users. Because Apple is committed to constructive engagement with regulators, it is making the additional changes at the request of the ACM, the company said in an email, while adding that as previously stated , Apple disagrees with ACM’s initial order and is appealing.

The Cupertino, Calif.-based company had filed a proposal to fully comply with an order to offer payments outside the App Store to dating app providers after being fined.

Taken from MacDailyNews: Previously, if a developer wanted to include non-Apple payment methods in their app, a new app creation and submission was required. There is nothing “heavy” or “non-compliant” about Apple’s initial changes to the App Store in the Netherlands as claimed by the ACM. It’s unclear exactly what changed or whether Apple will pay all, part, or none of the $53 million in fines accrued.

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Buy the Apple Store on Amazon.

Apple allows other payment methods on dating apps Mon, 13 Jun 2022 02:45:34 +0000

Apple now plans to allow alternative payment methods for Dutch dating apps, after the Dutch Authority for Consumers and Markets (ACM) intervened, according to an ACM report.

This will lead to a change to the old rules, in which dating app customers could only pay using payment methods imposed by Apple.

ACM said Apple abused its dominant position – and now dating app providers will allow customers to pay in different ways.

The judgment of the ACM was accompanied by a judgment accompanied by periodic penalty payments totaling 50 million euros.

According to Martijn Snoep, President of ACM, the intention was to help everyone take full advantage of the digital economy.

“In the digital economy, powerful companies have a special responsibility to maintain a fair and open market,” Snoep said in the report. “Apple has avoided this liability and abused its dominant position vis-à-vis providers of dating apps. We are pleased that Apple has finally aligned its terms with European and Dutch competition rules. This offers providers more opportunities to compete, and consumers will reap the benefits too.

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This came after the tech giant also agreed to let the company accept alternative payments, reducing its efforts to control all user data.

Google will no longer be able to reject or remove Match Group apps from the Play Store to accept further payments.

And the company will take Match Group app updates providing alternatives to Google Play billing, and Google will work on “Google Play billing gaps” to allow Match Group apps to test the system of Google alongside current payment systems.



About: PYMNTS’ survey of 2,094 consumers for The Tailored Shopping Experience report, a collaboration with Elastic Path, shows where merchants are succeeding and where they need to up their game to deliver a personalized shopping experience.

Do dating apps work best for the LGBTQ community? Fri, 03 Jun 2022 12:49:52 +0000

Back then, weddings were decided over a cup of tea, a few samosas and a 10-minute chat between the bride and groom about their likes and dislikes, with their whole family staring at them. Or it was an infamous exchange of tiny notes via your co-worker, a school trip to Manali where sparks flew and they realize, “they’re the only one”, but let me stop you there, they may seem easy on paper but it was just as hard.

Things haven’t gotten easy now – Love has all that and algorithms. You have to keep swiping to find yours and on what basis are you swiping? Judging a witty biography (still lame), looking at a few selfies, and obviously a quote from “The Office.” There you are now sent to choose your fighters, i.e. the person you will spend the rest of your life with or maybe just Saturday night.

Living in a world that could have had flying cars, we’re pretty digital, to say the least. Above all, after the evil star virus knocked on our doorstep, we obviously had to shift gears and get on the path to the “new normal”. Basically, it all happened online – Academics, Work, Ludo and Dating. Gen Z has a way to show off even more, from the comfort of their own home. But with that came the nightmare of catfishing, cyberbullying, threats to expose sexual orientation, and egregious identity theft (definitely no joke, Jim).

Few dating apps have failed to make their program a safe space for people from the LGBTQ community. There has been an onslaught of hate and bigotry in many spaces. In fact, some ridicule LGBTQ people for even trying to find love on dating apps. But these apps should not only add features geared towards the LGBTQ community as a marketing tool, but rather work for them and make it an environment they truly deserve.

How Singapore Schools Erase LGBT People: A Comprehensive Summary - Heckin' Unicorn

There’s no hiding from the fact that dating apps for everyone are the ninth circle of hell and then you add, getting duped by a teenager who thinks it’s funny to threaten someone one to expose his sexuality in his school/college and make him feel like a social outcast. Leave me alone.

Times have changed, I have enough confidence to say that this generation is extremely aware of certain issues and forcing someone out by scamming them on a dating app is not for them. But even now, LGBTQ teens and adults are asking their trusted confidants to set them up, surreptitiously, rather than joining an app just because the algorithm just doesn’t work for them.

Why does this happen? Due to limitations and restrictions on gender identity options in these apps, among many other reasons related to hate crimes. Most of these apps were designed for straight people, but the LGBTQ communities in India especially need a better and stronger verification mechanism.

35 TV Release Moments That Are Simply The Best |  Schitts Stream, Stream, How to Memorize Things

A person goes on a dating app, not just for social interaction or connection, they also want to figure out what they want. But for LGBTQ teens, it gets harder and harder when the algorithm is superficial and boring enough to help them find matches. Additionally, some teens who have not yet come out should be given the option to remain anonymous and locked up for their own safety and well-being. There are times when certain areas or a potential match are suspicious, it is the app’s technology responsibility to have an alert feature for them.

36 of the best signs from the equality marches |  Charm

Legally, Section 377 has changed many factors – queer people can express themselves freely, be who they really are, and find themselves freely. But it is essential for us to recognize that socially things change slowly. There are a lot of stigmas attached to the community that might be hard to get rid of. With that in mind, apps should be designed in a way that they suggest matches they would like and not make it a difficult process because some people can be really cruel online.

Maybe it’s high time for dating apps to step up and create a feature that helps the teen find each other and love, that just explores rather than instilling fear by pairing them with someone someone who is clearly out to have fun or to ruin someone’s life. No, it’s not hard for those techies creating the app to understand their wants and needs rather than making it look like they have to swipe and match with the next gay guy in the area. If the whole concept of scanning helps the algorithm realize the types and desirability of the person, then why can’t it relate to the LGBTQ audience.

Gen Z wants authenticity and transparency rather than a secret affair about finding love – it’s time for dating apps to up their game in terms of queer community. Moreover, love is love and it is for everyone.

A New York love story" - Love Has No Boundaries - BaaghiTV English

But here is a list of apps for the LGBTQ community that are safe and open, for everyone, and do it the right way!

Tinder’s “More Choices, More Voices” Feature Has Brought 23 New Options to the Gender Category
OkCupid has an “I don’t want to see or be seen by straight people” option.

5 Best Online Dating Apps for Parents Wed, 01 Jun 2022 13:00:25 +0000

I’ve been separated for about a year and I’m finally ready to try online dating but I don’t know where to start. Last time I was “there” I had a flip phone. Ha. I’ve never had so many online dates and I’m overwhelmed with how much has changed. What apps would you suggest and how can I facilitate online dating in a way that isn’t awkward and anxiety-provoking?


A young single mother of teenagers in her forties

First of all, welcome!

It’s wild and feeling overwhelmed is valid no matter how long you’ve been apart and how long you’ve had dating apps on your phone. Almost everyone who slips experiences some form of anxiety because nobody know what they are doing. Leaning into that awkwardness is the beauty (and the hell!) of online dating. As, we all showed up to the same simulation together.

Before discussing apps, I want to make it clear that my goal in this column is to unapologetically explore sex and dating through a “single mom” lens that validates personal desire versus societal expectations. Many apps like eHarmony, Christian Mingle, and Next Love are set up as “marriage dating” pipelines, assuming single moms are looking for serious relationships and domestic partnerships, which is fine if that’s what you research, but most single moms I know (myself included) aren’t.

It is not because we have children or that we are at a certain age that we are looking for serious relationships. The reality is that the majority of women I hear about are very comfortable with the idea of ​​casually dating while they still have kids at home. I speak from experience when I say that separating one’s domestic and romantic partnerships can be incredibly fulfilling and through this column I hope to normalize all the different ways single moms make sex and dating work for them.

My goal in this column is to unapologetically explore sex and dating through a “single mom” lens that validates personal desire versus societal expectations.

Where were we? Oh yes. Apps! The very act of swiping is a superficial endeavor and it’s very difficult to know based on images and prompts who we are going to vibe with, so my first piece of advice would be… don’t think about it too much. Then I highly recommend paying extra for a premium membership. Swiping at people often seems like too much at first, and with a premium subscription you can see who’s swiping at you and then decide if you want to swipe them back.

Calling all sexualities and dating profiles, here are my top five picks.

While it may have the worst prompts of any other dating app, Hinge feels like the fairest and least scary of dating apps. It’s well-designed with voice prompts and you can include short videos, which I find much more revealing than photos. I also like not having to take the first step all the time. Which brings me to…

Bumble is where women make their first move, so if you’re a woman looking for a man, you’ll need to break the ice. I really like this concept, but found it gets exhausting after a while. Also, your matches expire after 24 hours, so you should set alerts so you don’t miss potential matches. I love that you can sync your Spotify with Bumble. A shared love for Sophie B Hawkins is meaningful to me.

It is aimed at lesbian, bisexual and pansexual dating and with over 4 million users worldwide, it is loved by its community. And speaking of community, Her isn’t just a dating app — it also has a “communities” area that gives it a social media vibe (in a good way). And with a premium subscription, you can go incognito and search for singles before making your online profile public. She wants you to feel safe, secure, and ready (on your terms!) to make your move, which I love.

Feeld is a sex-positive dating app that lets you stay anonymous while interacting with extremely transparent singles/couples about their desires. Whether you’re looking to stay home and sext, experience ENM* with someone who’s GGG**, DFW***, or maybe a guest star in an FMF***-like storyline, there’s something for everyone on Feeld. I find the transparency, sexual freedom, and kink positivity refreshing. That said, cis men/couples far outnumber single women/women on this app. (I recently returned to Feeld after a months hiatus and had several thousand swipes on my profile – a profile where you can’t see my face, only one of my eyes, a shoulder and a meme from Succession.) All that to say, prepare to be overwhelmed if you’re a single woman.

* Ethically non-monogamous ** Good giving game *** Down with anything **** Female Male Female (trio)

Another great queer dating app, lex is the coolest app of the bunch. All that awkward superficial slippage based on someone’s appearance isn’t a factor at Lex, where dating profiles exist as witty paragraphs with brief descriptions of who you are and what you search. Inspired by personal newspaper advertisements, Lex favors words over selfies. Which I think is hot AF.

Unsolicited but very important safety tips for app encounters:

Your love life should never be all about your personal comfort, pleasure, and joy, and no one (even less me!) should ever tell you what’s best for you. That said, I learned a few things about feeling safe.

1. I never meet a man unless I know his last name first. If I can’t do a Google background check, we don’t meet. Depending on the situation, I may or may not share my last name, but there have been many times where I have not given my last name because, while it is indeed a double standard, the truth is that it is much safer for a man to meet an anonymous woman than for a woman to meet an anonymous man. And until that changes, I feel empowered and justified by my choice to insist on a man’s information, even though I refused to divulge my own. And I would advise any non-cis man to do the same.

2. Take all the time you need. A lot of people (cis men) say things in their profiles like “I’m not here to be pen pals. I want to meet you right away” and in my opinion that is the central red flag. You should never rush to meet someone until you are ready. If you feel compelled to meet right away, block and delete immediately. Which brings me to…

3. Don’t be afraid to flake. You don’t owe anyone you match on a dating app anything, including your business if you don’t feel it. I know a lot of women (myself included) who think that if we make a plan, we should keep a plan, but when it comes to meeting strangers on the internet, you absolutely don’t need to keep a plan. It goes both ways: if someone cancels you, you should consider it absolutely normal and expected behavior when dating online. Don’t take it personally. People cancel for a variety of reasons, and rejection is part of the deal, as is ghosting. Having a sense of humor about it all and not taking yourself/online matches too seriously will make a pretty big difference to your experience.

4. If you plan to have casual sex, get tested and be prepared to share your results. I was unprepared for this when I first started dating and was pleasantly surprised at how everyone GGG had to get tested and share the results. It’s not uncommon for people to list their STI results the same way they do their Covid vaccination status (especially on apps like Feeld and #open), which is refreshingly sexy and very different from what it was 20 years ago.

Finally, I would like to say that online dating can be exhausting and sometimes you need a break. I recently deleted all apps from my phone because there is nothing wrong with being alone or taking a break. Let this be a sweet reminder as we begin this conversation together that not having sex or dating is fine too. Never underestimate the gratification of solo sex, self-love, and platonic dates with friends.

To like,


ps I want to answer all the questions you have about the exhilarating, terrifying, and wonderful experience of dating new people and having sex with new people after becoming a parent. Send me your questions at

Rebecca Woolf has worked as a writer for over two decades and is the author of two books, Rockabye: from savage to childand the next All This: A Memoir on Death and Desire. She lives in Los Angeles with her four children.

Valkyrae is afraid fans will try to find her on dating apps Tue, 31 May 2022 16:47:00 +0000

Valkyrae expresses concern about sharing her dating experiences with her cat, fearing that fans will try to find her on dating apps.

With the advent of streaming seeing many Twitch and YouTube talents become celebrities, many streamers find themselves in the public eye more than ever. While some creators like Mizkif have opened up about their personal lives and connected with their audiences, privacy has long been an issue on streaming platforms. Doxxing and, in the most serious cases, swatting has become a real problem that some unfortunate creators have had to deal with throughout their careers and, for some like Valkyrae, their position as streamers has led to some discomfort when they discuss their personal life.


Like many top streamers, Valkyrae has been no stranger to harassment from fans and haters alike throughout her career as one of Twitch and YouTube’s top talents. Valkyrae was at the center of a high-profile controversy surrounding her RFLCT line of skincare products earlier this year, even confirming that she was seeing a therapist to deal with the trauma. Now, a recent discussion on one of his streams expressed concerns about his love life being shared.

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During a recent stream where Valkyrae was talking about some of her dating stories, the popular streamer addressed her own dating concerns as a content creator. Valkyrae confirmed that she was “reluctant to talk about her experiences with dating apps” due to concerns that some of her most zealous fans would try to find her on dating apps. She was quick to point out that she hadn’t specified which dating app she personally used and wouldn’t reveal that information, even jokingly considering deleting her account.

Valkyrae wouldn’t be the first streamer to share these concerns about her personal life being overexposed to her fans as others have experienced similar issues. Pokimane shared a story earlier this year of a real-life encounter with two weird fans and others like Alinity had similar issues with obsessive followers. While the concerns expressed by Valkyrae were very real, she played off her concerns in a more playful way with some members of her chat by joking that the mystery dating app she uses might be Grindr.

The massive popularity of many Twitch and YouTube streamers has seen many of the platforms’ biggest creators expand their reach outside of the streaming space. Dr. Disrespect recently made an appearance in the annual NFL Draft, making a selection for the San Francisco 49ers, and the return of gaming TV network G4TV featured several popular streamers. Content creator privacy will likely continue to be a concern for many of Twitch’s and YouTube’s biggest creators as the streaming industry continues to grow.

MORE: Twitch’s new reporting tools should help with transparency

Source: Dexerto

Young people are abandoning dating apps in favor of adult toys Fri, 27 May 2022 07:00:00 +0000

When the pandemic hit, it changed the way we lived our lives for everyone. But one group of people he seemed to reach in a very unique way is the young single crowd.

The dating world changed pretty quickly, it was no longer really possible to meet someone in a club or go on a first date with someone in person. The option for “FaceTime dates” was always a thing, and for some people it really seemed to do the trick. But if Lovehoney’s sales models tell us anything, it’s that the pandemic has led to an increased desire to indulge.

One person, who wishes to remain anonymous, said: “I didn’t own a single sex toy before the pandemic, now I have so many I need a box to keep them all in. I think it’s definitely harder to date now, if you meet someone online they have to be a good texter so you don’t lose interest and honestly my toys are more consistent.

In Lovehoney’s research, it’s clear there has been a shift in recent years. In 2019, 18-24 year olds accounted for just 14.76% of sex toy sales, with an increase of nearly 6% in two years with 2021 seeing the group account for 20.72% of sales.

Although there was a general increase in sex toy sales, it was the following types in particular that seemed to dominate. Sales of sex toys saw a staggering 87% increase in sales in 2020, with over 50,000 of them sold, according to Lonehoney.

With sales nearly doubling from the previous year, it seems young people’s desire to indulge themselves has grown in line with the changing world of dating. Vibrators saw an increase from 99,790 sold in 2019 to 155,326 in 2020.

The prices can sometimes be off-putting, but Lovehoney has some awesome toy sales for up to 50% off. Included in the sale is the Womanizer Starlet which gets rave reviews and the generally very expensive wand vibrators.

]]> Match dating apps get protection for now in Google Play Mon, 23 May 2022 21:17:00 +0000

By Bryan Koenig (May 23, 2022, 5:17 p.m. EDT) – Tinder, OkCupid, and PlentyOfFish may remain in the Google Play Store for now as part of an agreement with online dating provider Match Group reached with Google which will continue to exempt these and other Match apps from a requirement to use in-app billing from the search giant, whose 30% commission is at the heart of a sprawling antitrust case.

The deal proposed Thursday in California federal court and approved Friday, dropping Match’s bid for a temporary restraining order, requires the company behind to set aside $40 million in escrow for Google in a deal similar to the one the search giant struck Friday with Epic Games. …

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