‘Bupkis’ is coming – Is Pete Davidson’s love life ready for Primetime?

Honcho SNL Lorne Michaels is historically good at releasing his SNL favorites — traditionally in Michaels-produced films. Will Ferrell, Mike Myers, and Kristin Wiig can tell you all about it. To name a few.

But it’s the golden age of streaming TV and binge-watching, not comedies seen in theaters, so Michaels (who produced NBC’s “Kenan” for Kenan Thompson) and its biggest superstar of those last time, pete davidsonare making a television show which, according to Varietywill be called Bupkis.

In other words, these days, some famous “not-prime-time-ready actors” are on prime time (and all the time).

Davidson would play a version of himself – à la larry david in Curb Your enthusiasm. Some of the material on offer can be taken from the greatest hits compilation below.

Davidson is everywhere lately, famous for his glittering love life (Kim Kardashian anyone?) and doing gigs like throwing New Year’s Eve parties with Miley Cyrus. Fans are thrilled because any Curb-like look at Davidson’s life should consider his successes and his love struggles…if not, it’s not really about Davidson.

Feeding the insatiable beast of attention is one of the greatest assets an artist can possess today, and Davidson, as Michaels knows, is a natural. And it’s not silly either.

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