Bill Hader’s daughters are the reason behind his private love life

Bill Hader, the famous comedian and actor, recently revealed that he refuses to talk much about his love life to protect the privacy of his three daughters. Hader was trending recently when news broke of his relationship with the actress Anna Kendrick.

Hader has three daughters, Hayley Clementine, 7, Harper, 10, and Hannah Kathryn, 12. In several interviews, Hader made it clear that her main concern was to protect her children. Read on to learn more about her claims and what fans know about her love life.

Bill Hader prioritizes his daughters’ privacy


In a recent cover interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Hader revealed that he prefers not to talk about his relationships and love life to protect his daughter’s privacy. He explained that he didn’t want them in the public eye if he could avoid it.

The 43-year-old Saturday Night Live alumni said: “They just want me to be their dad. They just want me to sit down and watch Encanto over and over and over. So that’s what I do. His explanation was prompted by the overwhelming interest in his relationship with Kendrick.

In January, People exclusively reported that Hader and Kendrick had been enjoying a quiet relationship for over a year. Before Kendrick, Hader dated actress Rachel Bilson and was married to filmmaker and mother of his children, Maggie Carrey, for just over a decade.

Hader split from Carey in 2017

Bill Hader, Maggie Carey

Hader and Carey wed in 2006 and first separated in November 2017. The “Trainwreck” actor then officially filed for divorce a month later. Their divorce was finalized in June 2018, and the two now co-parent their three children.

Hader and Carey stressed that they have a friendly relationship and do their best to put their children first. During his interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Hader shared that they were worried about the impact the pandemic would have on the girls.

He said: “Maggie and I were just trying to keep them calm. And then, oddly, it was the other way around. They would keep us really calm. It is unconfirmed if Carey is currently in a relationship with anyone else.

Hader is trying to balance his career with fatherhood

Bill Hader

In 2019, Hader spoke with Variety for a profile interview and opened up about the challenges he faced balancing his growing career with his responsibilities and desires as a father.

The Emmy Award-winning Barry creator said: “I think I’ve seen my kids for a total of five days all summer. It was terrible.” Variety explained in the article that the distance was due to Hader spending most of the summer months writing for Barry Season 2 and filming “It: Chapter 2.”

Hader said, “I’m going, ‘Next summer, I’m leaving. And I will spend every day with them. It’s this weird thing where when you’re in this industry, you don’t have time to be with them, and it’s really, really hard. I’m getting emotional right now talking about it.

Bill Hader left SNL after the birth of his second daughter

Bill Hader

During the Variety interview, Hader also recalled when he left SNL after the birth of his second daughter, Harper. At the time, he told the New York Times that “It was a tough decision, but it has to happen at some point. I got to a point where I was like, ‘Maybe it’s just time to go.’ »

He told Variety that “Once our second child was born, I had to leave SNL. It was difficult with one child, let alone two. Because I was just never there. He also shared that he is looking forward to the summer he plans to spend at home with his children.

Hader plans to spend the summer after filming the second season of Barry with his daughters at home. He said, “They can see me all day if they want. They can really be fed up with me.

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