AWW! Swati Kapoor talks about his love life

Bombay: TV actress Swati Kapoor has been dating businessman Anuj Sikri for a long time. The two are cute together. Swati mentions that she won’t say she sees him as it will be a small word to define her relationship, she tells us the secrets of her relationship.

“Life is settled with him”

Swati, famous for his roles in shows like Udaan and Ye Hai Mohabbatein, shares, “You can’t say life is always good or rosy. But with Anuj, my life has been better all these years. Especially when you leave your town and your family behind and work in an industry like ours. A companion like him made things easier for me and of course for him too.

That’s how they met


Both were in the theater industry, they caught up with each other at work meetings or at parties. But later the two connected in a “mysterious” way. “We met on the sets of a show. At that time he was an actor, but he quit now. We connected because there was a common person that we both hated,” laughs Swati “So talking about this person somehow brought us closer together,” she quotes.

“We are now close after many face-to-face experiences”


Swati and Anuj are quite open and comfortable with their relationship on their social media platforms. Speaking of being together for a decade, she says, “The love and respect is there. I don’t think a relationship can work without those two. I don’t know how we maintained our relationship for so long. There is still a mystery there. Maybe because I met him before dating apps even came on the scene. Maybe we had a connection. We had a lot of ups and downs together and I think that’s what brought us together. When you see so much in your life with one person, you can’t see yourself with anyone else,” Swati says.

OH MY GOD! Their two ex-partners have the same name


“I was dating someone called Anuj even before I met this Anuj! I remember I broke up with my boyfriend at the time and was told they were going to cast an actor called Anuj in front of me on my next show I said I didn’t want to be on the show because I just broke up and maybe it was the same guy Then when they made me see the photo, I saw he was a different person,” Swati shares.

“I’m ready to take the next step”


Swati says both of their families are aware of their relationship and they approve of it, so there is no such family problem. And now she’s ready to take the leap. “Even when others didn’t know us, our families did. Parents always feel what is happening in their child’s life. I am ready for marriage now but I don’t know about him,” laughs Swati.

Wow what’s next?


She reveals that an engagement could be on the way soon. Considering that “Anuj is currently in Delhi with big boobs with her family business, we are far away. COVID has also ruined our plans like everyone else. Now we are waiting for things to calm down,” says Swati.


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