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The season premiere of The Amazing Race 34 airs tonight on CBS. Read a live recap here.

The episode begins in Munich, Germany at Nymphenburg Palace. Twelve new teams are ready to start the race. We meet some of them now. Luis and Michelle are a married couple from Miami. Derek and Claire met on Big brother last year and are now a couple. Tim & Rex are golf buddies. Rex is a former Buffalo Bills and New York Jets football coach. Will and Abby are childhood sweethearts who dreamed of being on Fantastic race. Quinton and Mattie are best friends and former NFL cheerleaders. Emily and Molly are long lost twin sisters who met a year ago. Linton & Sharik are a Jamaican father/daughter duo.

Phil gives them some information on the twists and turns of this season. He informs them that this stage will have a Scramble. This means that they can complete the tasks in any order they choose. He also reveals that there will be no matches without elimination this season. If they come in last place, they will be eliminated from the race. For this first stage, they will drive themselves in one of the parked cars made available.

The race begins and all teams sprint to their bags and cars. They open their clues and learn what to do. They must roll a barrel of beer through an obstacle course in Luitpold Park, saw a log in Biergarten Seehaus and smash a huge block of ice in Augustiner-Keller Biergarten. After completing all three tasks, they will have the clue to get to the Pit Stop. Teams receive instructions and proceed to their first chosen task. Aashta and Nina take too long to get together and are the last team to leave. We get to know some of the other teams. Aashta and Nina are engaged after meeting on a dating app. Marcus and Michael are brothers in the military. Rich & Dom are married motivational speakers.

Marcus and Michael are the first to arrive at the Roll task. They fail on their first attempt and have to try again. Rich & Dom are the first to arrive at the Saw task. Marcus and Michael succeed on their second attempt. We also get to know Aubrey & David. They are ballroom dancers. They arrive at the Roll task at the same time as Derek & Claire and Will & Abby. Derek and Claire pass their first try. The other two teams must try again.

Emily and Molly arrive at the Smash task. It’s a roadblock. Molly chooses to do the task. Luis and Michelle also arrive, with Luis performing the task. They must chisel the ice until they reach the clue inside. Luis finishes it very quickly. Quinton & Mattie and Glenda & Lumumba are also coming. Molly also performs the task. As they go to their next task, Tim & Rex and Aashta & Nina are lost and haven’t started their first task yet.

Linton & Sharik arrive at the Saw task, and they complete the task faster than Rich & Dom. Dom is frustrated, but she tries to stay calm. Meanwhile, Aubrey & David and Will & Abby complete the Roll task. They head to the Saw task.

Quinton and Glenda complete the Smash Roadblock as Aashta & Nina and Tim & Rex finally arrive. Nina and Tim choose to do the Roadblock. We meet Glenda & Lumumba, a married couple with a big height difference. Nina and Tim finish the roadblock fairly quickly and can move on to their next task.

Linton and Sharik are the first to complete the Saw task, but Rich and Dom complete it soon after. After they leave, Derek and Claire begin the Saw task as Marcus and Michael arrive at the Smash Roadblock. Meanwhile, Glenda & Lumumba and Quinton & Mattie arrive at the Roll task. All teams perform their tasks without any problems.

Emily and Molly then complete the Roll task, and Saw is the only task left for them. Marcus and Michael only have Saw to finish, but they get lost along the way. Aubrey and David also get lost on their way to their next task.

Luis and Michelle, Aashta and Nina, Will and Abby, and Glenda and Lumumba arrive at the Saw task. While working on it, Linton and Sharik complete the Roll task. After Will and Abby complete the task, Aubrey and David and Quinton and Mattie arrive at the Roll task. Meanwhile, Derek completes the Smash Roadblock. Derek and Claire have now completed all three tasks. They can now go to the Pit Stop: Friedensengel. They need to find a monument that translates to Angel of Peace.

Rich & Dom and Tim & Rex are working on the Roll task. Tim and Rex finish it on their first attempt, but Rich and Dom have to try again. Meanwhile, Marcus and Michael get lost again on their way to their next task. Rich & Dom finally complete the Roll task after three attempts. Marcus and Michael finally arrive at Task Saw as Linton works on the Smash Roadblock for his team.

Derek and Claire arrive at the Pit Stop. Phil tells them the good news. Derek and Claire are team #1! They each earn $2,500. Glenda and Lumumba have completed the Saw task and later arrive as Team #2.

Aashta and Nina struggle with the Roll task while Tim and Rex complete the Saw task. Emily and Molly arrive at Task Saw while Luis and Michaelle arrive at Task Roll. Luis and Michelle complete the task, but Aashta and Nina are still in trouble. Meanwhile, Quinton and Mattie arrive at the Pit Stop as Team #3.

We see the rest of the teams working to complete their tasks, but Aashta and Nina haven’t completed the Roll task yet. It takes them five attempts to finally erase it. They are currently in eleventh place with Aubrey and David in last place after David cleared the Smash Roadblock. It’s a mad dash to the Pit Stop for the rest of the teams.

Linton & Sharik and Emily & Molly arrive at the Pit Stop as Team #4 and Team #5 respectively. Marcus & Michael and Tim & Rex arrive together next, and they are followed by Will & Abby. Rich & Dom join them as team #9. Later, Luis and Michelle arrive as Team #10.

It’s now between Aashta & Nina and Aubrey & David. One of these teams will be eliminated. Aubrey and David welcome Phil to team #11. They are prepared for bad news, but they see Aashta and Nina running away. They know they’re still in the running as the #11 team. Aashta and Nina finally arrive and Phil tells them the bad news. Aashta & Nina were eliminated from the race. They say they have no regrets and had a great time. Nina calls Aashta the light of her life. Aashta says they will laugh about it all their life.

Stage Summary

1st place: Derek and Claire

2nd place: Glenda & Lumumba

3rd place: Quinton & Mattie

4th place: Linton & Sharik

5th place: Emily & Molly

6th place: Marcus and Michael

7th place: Tim & Rex

8th place: Will & Abby

9th place: Rich & Dom

10th place: Luis & Michelle

11th place: Aubrey & David

Eliminated: Aashta & Nina

And that concludes the first of The Amazing Race 34. Thanks for reading and check back next week for another live recap.

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