Amanda Kloots Opens Up About Her Love Life 2 Years After Husband Nick Cordero’s Death

Amanda Kloots is moving forward in life two years after her husband Nick Cordero tragically died at 41 following a battle with COVID-19. The speech the co-host opened up about her experience of grieving, becoming a single mother to her 2-year-old son Elvis, and moving on romantically in a new interview on CBS Matineessharing how determined she is to live her life through all the ups and downs to come.

Kloots revealed that in the two years since her husband’s death, grief will hit her like “a ton of bricks out of nowhere”, including during the drive home from a recent night out. “I went to a show last night. I drove home and parked in the driveway, and a Journey song came up that Nick sang in ‘Rock of Ages’ and I just…I looked at, you know, the passenger seat. And it was empty,” she recalled. “And that…it hits you like a ton of bricks.”

“I miss having someone to go home with and laugh with someone. Every time I tell this story, it’s amazing how helpful it is in this journey of grieving,” said she continued during the interview. “The grief doesn’t end. The loss, the death – it doesn’t end.” While navigating that grief and her role as a mother, Kloots also made her way back into the dating world, though the Broadway alum isn’t currently seeing anyone.

“I want to love again. I want to have another person in my life,” she explained of her decision to date again. “I want Elvis to have a father figure in his life.” Kloots diving back into dating doesn’t mean she or Elvis will forget about her late father. “You don’t take Nick’s place. It’s never that,” she clarified. “It’s just that Nick was part of my life.” Regarding the public perception of his choice so far, Kloots shrugged, “People are going to attack you from every angle for everything you do. I mean, they came at me when I said I had started dating again. Everyone, you know, had their opinions.”

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