Alex Diaz Looks for a Spark in PH Boy’s First Dating Game Show

Actor and TV host Alex Diaz hails the possibilities of finding his spark in the Philippines’ first dating game show, Hello Searcher, produced by Black Sheep.

In his Tiktok account, Alex shared that even though he has been trying to create visibility in genderless love and bisexual people for years, by doing this show, people who encounter the same situations as him feel understood. .

Alex Diaz Promotes Genderless Love With “Hello Searcher”

“I love to disrupt and jump at every opportunity to create representation in our beloved conservative Filipino industry. Somewhere out there is a little boy or an old man, who has never had someone to admire on TV who sees this and feels seen. It’s always a win in my book,” Alex said.

Assisting Alex in the online show is the first Miss Trans Global, Mela Habijan, who will serve as host or “Mother Sparker”.

In Hello Searcher, six lucky searchers will go through exciting virtual challenges and games until there is one searcher left.

Viewers can be a part of the first boy dating game show through Sparks Call, an audition for the wanted. The online audition is open to all Filipino men living in the Philippines or abroad but willing to travel to the country, aged 21 and above, and must be able to understand Filipino. To audition, complete the online form and submit their audition videos via

Join Alex and the six people wanted in Hello, Searcher, as part of the Made For YouTube shows starting in August. Watch it soon on the Black Sheep YouTube channel.

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