90 Day Fiancé stars spotted on dating apps after their breakups

Many 90 Day Fiancé relationships end, and after overcoming heartbreak, some cast members turn to dating apps like Tinder to find love again.

Because so many 90 day fiance relationships end in breakups, it’s become common for fans to run into cast members of the franchise as they swipe through dating apps. Although the success rate of 90 day fiance deductible is surprisingly high, there are still many couples who end up breaking up. Franchise shows have become just as well-known for their explosive breakups as they are for their successful romances.

After a devastating breakup, there are many ways to 90 day fiance the star can move on. Some choose to join the cast of the spin-off 90 days: single life and seek a new relationship. The popular new franchise show has come under fire for its casting decisions, but many viewers still enjoy watching the stars re-enter the dating pool. Several The single life cast members seem to have found lasting love on the show, including Fernanda Flores and “Big” Ed Brown.


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But not every newly single franchise star manages to The single life cast, and instead they are looking for love like many members of the public do – by signing up for a dating app. It might not be easy to navigate the apps as a reality TV star, but several 90 day fiance cast members still find it the best way to meet new people after being heartbroken. Fans are usually surprised to come across a cast member’s profile, and many just swipe for fun.

Michael Jessen

Michael Jessen 90 Day Fiance Tinder Profile

Amid his divorce from ex-wife Juliana Custodio, Michael Jessen was spotted by a fan on Tinder in June 2022. The 90 day fiance The season 7 actor’s profile included a photo of him with his dog and Michael referred to himself as a “barely D-list celebrity of trashy reality TV.“It seems like Michael is leaning on his franchise fame in an ironic way, which is probably the best strategy to go for.

mohamed jbali

Mohamed Jbali 90 Day Fiance Dating App Profile

Danielle Mullins’ ex-husband Mohamed Jbali was spotted on dating app Hinge by a 90 day fiance fan who shared screenshots of his profile. The Season 2 star listed her interests as, “photography and videography» as well as the kitchen and «solve problems.” Mohamed also says that his potential matches”will be treated well,Although Danielle doesn’t agree with these claims.

Larissa Lima

Larissa Lima 90 Day Fiance Tinder Girl Profile

After Larissa Lima and Colt Johnson ended their toxic marriage, the Brazilian fan favorite moved to Colorado Springs and joined Tinder. But when Larissa’s dating app profile was shared on Reddit by a fan, commenters were quick to criticize. Fans recoiled at the fact that Larissa included her Instagram follower count in her profile. “Let’s see what I can find here,Larissa wrote in her profile, although it doesn’t seem like she’s found anyone worthwhile.

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Syngin Colchester

Syngin Colchester 90 Day Fiancé Profile

Before making his The single life debut in season 2, South African actor Syngin Colchester joined Tinder to start dating again after his split from ex-wife Tania Maduro. Syngin added “reality show“like his work and commented in his profile that he hopes”explore and have funwhile returning to the dating world. Based on Syngin’s controversy over the past year, his Tinder matches can be few and far between.

Caleb Greenwood

Caleb Greenwood 90 Day Fiancé Before The Profile

Due to fallout from Alina Kozhevnikova’s racism controversy, her former love interests Caleb Greenwood’s future in the 90 day fiance the franchise is unclear. So, in the meantime, Caleb is back on dating apps. A fan recently spotted the Arizona resident’s profile on Tinder and shared screenshots on Reddit. Many commentators feel that Caleb comes across as conceited on the app, as the 90 day fiance the star’s profile says: “the most difficult part of this application is to choose 6 images.

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