‘1000-Lb. Best Friends star’s love life is ‘awful’

TLC’s New Reality Series 1000 Pound Best Friends follows four women as they attempt to lose weight.

The show, which follows in the footsteps of hit hits My 600 pounds. Life and 1000 pounds. sisterschronicles best friends – and housemates – Meghan Crumpler and Tina Arnold, along with pals Vannessa Cross and Ashely Sutton, on their respective personal weight loss journeys.

Content warning below // eating disorders

Cross recently opened up about finding love again after her husband died, which she says led to increased stress and binge eating issues.

Dating is difficult for many people, especially those struggling with the mental health effects of eating disorders.

“My love life is horrible and I kind of quit. It’s just recently. Because they say if you stop looking that’s where a man finds you,” the wife of 42 years old. We Weekly.

“So I put everything on hold because I tried to talk to a few guys and ended up sabotaging myself,” Cross continued. “We were arguing or something was happening and I ended up wanting to eat. Right now I’m just focusing on weight loss and myself.”

MCC via YouTube

MCC via YouTube

Cross added that it was when her husband died that she began to gain weight rapidly.

“That’s what turned me away from where I [was at] 350 pounds throughout my life – but when he died in 2016 my life spun out of control. I probably gained at least 100 pounds [and] in fact, at my biggest weight, I was 500 pounds,” she explained.

“I hit 500 pounds, then in 2018 I went back down to 300 pounds,” she continued. “But losing my husband was the worst thing in my life because I didn’t know that kind of pain existed.”

The reality star clarified that her late husband was her rock and always showered her with love, no matter how small.

“He didn’t care about my height. He told me how beautiful I looked every day,” Cross said. “I’ll probably never find a man like that, but I thank God he was in my life when he was. But taking him broke me [and] destroyed me. It’s something I’m still trying to fix.”

Watch a trailer below:

1000 pounds. Best friends premieres Monday (February 7) at 10 p.m. ET/PT on TLC and Discovery+.

If you or someone you know has an eating disorder, help is available at the National Eating Disorders Association website.

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